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Working in groups of 4-5 persons, the students will assume that they want to start a brand-new e-commerce business.

They will identify a market opportunity, conduct detailed research about trends, competition and customers, and propose a digital marketing/e-commerce strategy on how to start a new business (“pure e-commerce”, online business).

There are three deliverables for this group assignment:

  1. Group Project proposal: the students will do research and come up with an idea for a pure e-commerce business. They will upload their idea on the course website during the third week of the course.

    The proposal will consist of a 300 – 400 word written description of the business idea, as well as an image of their business model canvas. The description of the business idea must clearly answer the following two central questions to any new business model:
    1. What is your business’ value proposition?
    1. What is your business’ revenue model?

The group proposal is worth 5%, and it will be evaluated based on the clarity, professionalism, and feasibility of the idea.

  • A 10-minute verbal presentation before the class (with slides, online, on Zoom, at the end of the semester) followed by a 5-10 minute Q&A session. All students should present. Note that the presentation may be attended by an external industry expert or panel who will be asked to select the best project, and to provide quick feedback after the presentation(s).

  • The students should also put together a 15 – 20 page Appendix to their verbal presentation (mostly in a point form, with tables and charts) and submit  right before their verbal presentation. The purpose of this document is to accompany the verbal presentation and serve as a brief action plan, i.e. summary of the most important points.  More information about the Appendix has been provided on page 2 of this document.

    The combined grading rubric for the deliverable 2 and 3 above (total of 35% of the course mark) will be posted on the course website.

Format of the Appendix

  1. Executive Summary (written, max 700 words)
  1. Keyword / trend report

  2. TOWS
  • SEO Plan and SEO tables

  • PPC Plan

  • Social Media Content Calendar

  • Other Promotional Tactics (e.g. screenshot of social media or e-mail marketing campaigns)
  1. Website Map

  2. Website Wireframe

  3. Website Visual Layout

  4. Financial projections
  1. Implementation plan (outline of a sequence of activities/ steps to be done before the launch – in a table form or as a Gantt chart)

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