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We pride ourselves in meeting the deadlines of our customers. We take your order, assign a writer but allow some more time for ourselves to edit the paper before delivering to you. You are guaranteed a flawless paper on a timely manner...

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Our team at Research Paper 101 is committed to handling your paper according to the specfications and are available 24*7 for communication. Whenever you need a quick help, you can talk to our writers via the system messaging or contact support via live chat and we will deliver your message instantly.

Experienced Subject Experts

Online Experts from Research Paper 101 are qualified both academically and in their experiences. Many are Masters and Phd holders and therefore, are qualified to handle complex assignments that require critical thinking and analyses...

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We offer dissertation papers as per students’ wishes. We also help craft out the best topics and design concept papers. By ordering with us, you are guaranteed of defending and making through those hard faced professors in the defense panel!

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We at Research Paper 101 take plagiarism as a serious offence. From the start, we train our writers to write all their papers from scratch. We also check if the papers have been cited appropriately. Our website also has a tool designed to check for plagiarism that has been made erroniusly. In essense, the paper you get will be 100% legit...

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We understand that being a student is very challenging, some students balance between work and studies in order to survive. We therefore offer pocket friendly rates that are very competitive in the market.

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Thank you for the essay it met all my expectations and needs!!! Your writers are very professional. Thank you very much for your wonderful job

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The writer nailed all of the points beautifully! Despite the urgency, the paper came out as plagiarism-free. Communication between me and the team was seamless.

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Research Paper 101 is the right place whenever you need professional help with completing all kinds of homework. We have proven expertise in such areas as coursework, essay, research, term paper, and others. Our cheap essay writing service allows you to get quality at a pocket friendly price. We have been offering online custom writing assistance to students from countries around the world, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, China, New Zealand, and Japan. Students can be assured to get credible, reliable academic aid from our team of experts at competitive prices, just like our website name suggests.

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As a writing company, we focus on hiring good writers capable of producing high quality papers. All applicants are subjected to entry tests that help in determining their ability to meet our set standards. All our writers are qualified professionals who ensure that you get high quality, non-plagiarized papers.

Our cheap homework help service utilizes the skills of an outstanding group of writers dedicated to meeting the expectations of our esteemed clients. We take quality seriously in our company and we are resolute in our focus on hiring only the best writers in the industry. Our team, from the writers, editors to support team are friendly and will always be available to ensure you get quality custom written paper.

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To ensure that we offer plagiarism-free cheap papers, our writers focus on writing from scratch while paying particular attention to your custom requirements. Our company boasts of writers with a lot of experience with academic papers. They understand what plagiarism is and ensure that any information that is obtained from sources is cited. The company has also invested in reliable plagiarism detection software that serves as a quality assurance tool. This means that we do not take any chances when it comes to quality. You can rest assured that your custom written papers are original and properly cited.

Sample Papers that we offer

We offer a variety of papers raging from nursing, literature, English, Mathematics, Biology and biological sciences, Music, Chemistry, Lab Reports and so much more. Here are some of the most common paper requests we receive:

Nursing case study: It is an intensive, systematic investigation of a single individual, group, community or some other unit in which the researcher examines in depth data relating to several variables. A case study can be used as a creative alternative to traditional approaches to description, emphasizing the patient’s perspective as central to process. At Research Paper 101, we understand it’s paramount to hand over a well-researched and written case study that’s why we have qualified nurses who can do this for you at an affordable price and on time.

Nursing Research Paper: Nursing research is a study that helps develop knowledge about health and promotion of health over full life span, the care of persons with health problems and disabilities and nursing actions that enhance the ability of individuals respond effectively to actual or potential health problems. It can also be defined as a form of academic writing that demonstrates a student’s knowledge research capabilities, powers of persuasion and organizational skills. At Research Paper 101, we understand the importance of nursing research and help you through our qualified nurses conduct your research appropriately at affordable price and on time.

Nursing Essay: A nursing essay is both an academic and professional study of a patient who is encountered during a student’s placement as a practicum. It is crucial before you begin your nursing essay to choose a topic based on your knowledge of the provided subject as this will create a coherent structure that will support the information you are offering. At homework nursing essay we help you in writing nursing essays through our skilled and qualified nurses at an affordable price and within a timely limit. We also provide you with skills to effectively formulate nursing essays both for students and professional use.

Nursing PICOT Project: The word PICOT is a mnemonic derived from the elements of a clinical research question, it stands for Population/ patient problem ( who is your patient i.e. Sex, age, health, status/disease); Intervention (what do you plan for the patient i.e. specific tests, therapies, medications); Comparison (what is the alternative to your plan i.e. no treatment, different types of treatment); Outcome (what outcome do you seek i.e. less symptoms, no symptoms, full health); Time (what is the time frame)

Nursing Capstone Paper: A nursing capstone paper is an academic paper that helps improve skills of nursing students by utilizing facts, experiments, and practical work experience. It can also be described as an individualized research project on a nursing topic of your professional or personal interest. Capstones provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your competency and commitment to ultimately improving health outcomes.

Nursing Presentation Paper: A Nursing presentation can be defined for the purpose of this article as describing a topic to an audience with the aim of making them understand the concept, persuade or entertainment purpose. For a good presentation you need to have effective skills to share knowledge and expertise and to communicate clearly in a range of workplace scenarios.

Nursing Coursework Paper: Nursing is a profession that focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities so they may attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. We understand that nursing programs require a lot of hard work and its time consuming making it one of the most intensive fields one can undertake. That’s why we have experienced writers who will assist you with your entire course at the stipulated time frame, all you have to do is provide us with your course material and we will follow your instructions to the letter.

Nursing Term Paper: A nursing term paper is a written assignment usually completed by students engaged in Nursing, healthcare and other specialized subjects related to this field. At the end of the course students are required to write a nursing term paper which helps in expanding practical skills by exploring their theoretical background and performing their own research. It’s a testimony of the attained knowledge and level of proficiency and requires more in-depth research with use of different statistics and complex methodology. At homework nursing essays we have expert writers who will make your nursing term paper more professional and acceptable.

Ph.D. Nursing Dissertations: A Ph.D. programme builds on previous nursing education and consist of courses in nursing knowledge and theory development, nursing research, advanced statistics, cognates, a comprehensive examination and a dissertation. This is a report of a process, writing a dissertation equates to developing and understanding of research or systematic enquiry rather than generating new evidence. It enables students to demonstrate organizational skills, beginning insights to research, and deeper, more critical understanding of their chosen focal topic.

BSN Research Papers: Nursing research is a study that provides evidence to support nursing practices. It’s an emerging and growing field in which an individual can apply their nursing education to discover new advancements that promote evidence based on areas of practice. It has a tremendous influence on current and future professional nursing practice thus rendering it an essential component in the nursing education process. At homework nursing essay, through our skilled and qualified nurses we help you in conducting professional nursing research through various methodologies at affordable and timely based approach.

MSN Thesis Writing: A Masters of Science in nursing degree exposes scholars to advanced nursing practices and knowledge and increases ones chance of securing a career in nursing administration, health policy practice or as a clinical nurse leader. In order to finish your course successfully you must first write a thesis. A thesis requires a nursing student to identify a problem in nursing and review academic literature while developing advanced research skills.

ADN Works: An associate degree in nursing is an overwhelming field of study in the health care field with the limited time of study and long clinical hours. At Research Paper 101, we understand that this can cause immense pressure when one is required to complete assignments, essays and research that’s why we have qualified nurses who are experts in writing to assist you finish your assignments do your research and even write your essays at an affordable price and at the designated time without compromising your work.

Admission Essays: The admission essay is a vital part of the college application process. Admission essays highlight your personality and achievements in a bid to show the admissions officer why you are the ideal candidate that should be given a spot at their school. We offer a quick writing service guaranteed to make your admission essay standout. The essay will be of top notch quality adhering to all the writing standards and instructions provided. It is very easy to get your quality paper and in a short period of time.

All types of essays: An essay is a brief write up on a topic highlighting individual opinion on the subject. There are different types of essays all with a distinctive purpose. The main types include argumentative, expository, descriptive and narrative essays. At College essay homework, the writers have an expansive experience in writing fast papers and quality essays. A quality paper will require extensive research in order to refine it. It could be tedious and that’s where we come in. we conduct the research for you and write an exceptional paper ensuring that your college essay homework is done fast and to perfection.

Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of books and or articles used as sources or citations for a thesis or particular topic. Under each citation you should include about 150 words which seek to explain its relevance to the thesis and how applicable it is in the current context of your topic. These comments are called annotations. At College essay homework we pride ourselves with writing context-oriented, relevant and high quality annotated bibliographies. We offer an efficient quick writing service for these fast papers. All you have to do is to make an order.

Article Reviews: An article review is a piece of writing which assesses an already published literature or article and gives a summary of the said essay or article. It involves a logical appraisal of the main concept of the article and calls for instituting necessary changes if necessary or the need for more research on the subject. The writers on Research Paper 101 are no strangers to this kind of task and are well equipped to give a quality paper on any article review.

Book Reports and Reviews : A book report is a summary of the author’s main themes, ideas and viewpoints expressed in the book. A book report gives a sneak preview of the book by giving ample information allowing potential readers to make a decision pertaining to reading the book. A book review on the other hand is a critical and descriptive account of a book. It focuses on the content and value of the book at length, giving recommendations to other potential readers. Our writers are better placed to write the best book reports and reviews with a keen eye on detail.

Book/Movie Review: A movie review just like a book review is a written critical and descriptive account and analysis of the content of the book or movie. They both should have a detailed account on the author for the book; writers, director and producer for a movie, coupled with a logical analysis of the plot or storyline. A movie review is less time consuming as you just need to watch the film for a short while a book will need extensive reading.

Capstone Project: A capstone project is a multilateral assignment, commonly done at the end of an academic program. The students tackle a topic of their choice by conducting research, taking part in scholarly debates while keeping a conclusive record of their findings and coming up with an excellent substantial paper which highlights their deep understanding of the subject. A capstone experience can be time consuming and overwhelming for most. To ensure that you get a good quality paper and good grade reach out to College essay help, a quick writing service that offers the best capstone project in a timely and affordable manner.

Class Discussion/Response: A class discussion is an exercise or practice in which the lecturer and students exchange views on online learning platforms on a topic that had been previously covered. The lecturer posts a topic in the portal for discussion and each student shares their answer publicly. They are all required to engage and respond to each other’s answers by agreeing or adding on to their points or even by challenging the others’ perspectives. The teacher comments and awards marks. The students are required to give relevant examples and explanations in a bid to show their understanding of the subject matter.

Coursework: Coursework is written or practical scholarly work done during the course of academic study which is then evaluated and graded in order to count towards a final grade or mark. The coursework is done by students for the purpose of learning. Students can be given a few days or even weeks to complete the coursework depending on the workload. They are allowed to refer to their notes, books and conduct research to assist them to complete their coursework perfectly. At College essay homework coursework is our forte. Our writers are the best, experienced, affordable and easy to reach out to.

Dissertation: A dissertation also known as a thesis is a long, original academic piece of writing based on research. It is mainly submitted as the final part of a masters or PhD and sometimes as part of a bachelor’s degree. It is research intensive and aims at testing the independent research skills the students have acquired during their time at university. Dissertations are the longest and tedious writing assignments most students come across. For a great final grade, reach out to College essay homework, a quick writing service that thrives at writing the best dissertations. We will ensure you meet your deadline.

Argumentative Essay: An argumentative essay is a brief piece of writing solely reliant on logic, reason and facts to prove whether a thesis is true or not. The author presents both sides of the subject matter and explains the most crucial arguments or points for and against. For this essay the student has to conduct research, collect and analyze evidence then relay the findings, stating their stance concisely. Argumentative essays can be rather tricky to write as you may end up contradicting yourself.

Business Plan: A business plan is a piece of writing that focuses on a company’s key business activities, purpose and highlights how it plans to achieve its set goals and targets. It is a guide that mainly focuses on coming up with effective strategies for growth, forecasting the future financial needs of the business and how to meet them. An excellent business plan requires good preparation and writing after conducting extensive market research. The writers at Research Paper 101 remain the best at writing superb business plans. It is very easy to contact us and make an order.

Lab Report: A lab report is a scientific piece of writing which describes the steps and formulae used to conduct an experiment and analyses the results in a bid to explore, explain and understand a scientific concept. They are backed by scientific research and are used to communicate the significance of documented findings obtained from the experiment. Lab reports require one to be familiar with the scientific concept or process being investigated in order to make an exceptional and quality paper.

Poem Analysis: Poem analysis is a composition that explains a poem’s themes, form, structure and content at length in an attempt to deepen one’s own, and others’ understanding of the poem. Poem analysis has many forms and can be undertaken for different reasons, the most common one being as a school exercise or assignment. One needs to have the mastery of the tools and techniques of poetry analysis in order to detect all that the poem has to offer.

Reflection Paper/Essay: A reflection paper is a piece of writing that allows for you to add your thoughts, opinions and analysis on something that you have read or an experience you have had. A reflection paper is intended to showcase your grasp of the material and how it influences your way of thinking, ideas and outlook in future. Research Paper 101 has the best writers for this fast paper. They are adept at making even the most mundane topics come alive. This guarantees to keep your readers hooked and get you a good grade. They are easy to contact and time-conscious.

Thesis/Thesis Chapter: A thesis is a statement or argument that is stated or put forward as an assertion to be proved. It is basically the statement of the problem of the research paper that brings to light what the study hopes to answer. it requires extensive research and can be overwhelming to say the least. For most, this is the longest form of writing they will ever have to do and to ensure an excellent grade is acquired, we got your back.

Literature Review/Analysis: A literature review is an exploration of different scholarly works and sources on a given subject or topic. Literature analysis therefore involves closely and carefully studying the work, interpreting and scrutinizing its meaning and relevance while getting a better understanding of the author’s choices. As with most essays a literature review can be time-consuming and may require research done. There is no need to fret about writing a quality paper especially with deadlines approaching. The best writers are here to assist you. You are just a button away from a kick-ass literature review and a superb grade.

Speech Writing: Speech writing is a composition that seeks to convey a specific message to your target audience through words. For you to come up with an exemplary speech, you need to research and understand your target audience , know the purpose of the speech, its required length and the amount of time you have been allotted to deliver it. It is imperative that you grab the audience’s attention right from the start. Speech writing can be a delicate assignment especially in determining the tone to use. College essay homework eases your workload here by providing a quick writing service for your speech.

Presentation/PPT: A presentation is the art of communicating and explaining the content of a subject to your audience using audio or visual means. PPT is a presentation created on Microsoft PowerPoint software that helps one create a slideshow commonly used for office or educational purposes. It comprises of visual and audio features that simplify the presenter’s work. It is the most commonly used presentation software.

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We are determined in our resolve to ensure that every customer gets value for his or her money. You can request for a refund in the unlikely event that you don’t like your order especially when the instructions were not met. If we establish that your claims are honest and valid, we will not hesitate to issue a refund. You can also feel free to request for a free revision in case you notice slight inconsistencies in your order. For more information on our money-back guarantee, kindly visit our revision and money-back guarantee pages or contact our support team through online chat or phone.


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