Managing Conflicts

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There are many different types of conflict and many ways to resolve them. Communication is the most important component in managing conflicts and working on a resolution. Visit the University of Arizona Global Campus Library and find a peer-reviewed academic article on managing conflict and conflict resolution using communication.  Select one article to share with the class.

Provide the author, year, article title, and a brief summary of the article and its findings.  Discuss why conflict occurs and the communication processes used to manage or resolve conflict. Be sure to include a properly formatted APA reference at the end.

Here are some of the examples of articles you might find:

  • Callejas, L. M., & Shephard, H. (2020, December).  Conflict as a social status mobility mechanism in schools: A network approach.  Social Psychology Quarterly, 83, 4, 319-341.
  • Goode, J. R., Knight, K., Denker, K. J., & Cronin-Fisher, V. (2021). Political difference in marriage: Wife’s gender linked fate and relational conflict. Communication Studies, 1-18.
  • Matthes, J., Thomas, M. F., Stevic, A., & Schmuck, D. (2021). Fighting over smartphones? Parents’ excessive smartphone use, lack of control over children’s use, and conflict. Computers in Human Behavior116, 106618.
  • Post, S. (2019). Polarizing communication as media effects on antagonists.  Understanding communication in conflicts in digital media societies.  International Communication Association, 29, 231-235.

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Managing Conflicts

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