Data Set Analysis Project

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As a future healthcare leader, you will present complex information to peers, patients, and leadership. For this assignment, you will imagine that you are a healthcare leader working at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. To complete this assignment you will create a poster board that will be shared at the next American College of Healthcare Executives conference. Visit the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs website and review the evidence one of the evidence maps. Next, select one of the three articles under Brief Reports. Mindful Attention Increases and Mediates Psychological Outcomes Following Mantram Repetition Practice in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Physical Health, Mental Health, and Utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Services Among Gulf War Veterans Perceptions of Providers and Administrators in the Veterans Health Administration Regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicine What is the intended purpose of the study? How does the research questions/hypotheses address the problem as detailed by the researcher? How does the content in the purpose statement and research questions define the methodology used in the study? How was the data collected and analyzed? What was the benefit of using the selected statistical test? What was the outcome of the study? What was the sample population (effect size) and was it adequate? Once you have reviewed your selected article locate two additional scholarly resources. These resources should be on the same topic that you selected for your article choice and can come from the Purdue Global library or from another reputable resource (CDC or Using the research that you have gathered create a Poster Board that integrates at least three references. The poster board should include visuals representations of data (tables, charts, etc.). You should also include recommendations for future action based on your research, You will also properly cite any and all references. Please refer to the resources below for the poster board template and tips on how to create a poster board.

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Data Set Analysis Project

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