Final Project – Rethinking Social Industry Through Business Resilience

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic caused to the world is huge and its spread is taking way people’s
hope about getting back to “normal life” as well as the world economical recovery. The fear and denial
must be replaced by a refreshed perspective of the new “social order” in the world, which requires new
mindsets to create inovation and disruptive solutions to design safe ways to support business where social
interaction and gatering are a key component involved. Because of globalization and the lethargy of
leaders to address global problems, leaders have postponed essential political changes, bringing economic
repercussions that affect consumer standards, the productive chain, job markets and organizations’
finances (for good or for bad). The higher power of contaminagion of the new SARS-Cov-2, even with the
hope of a vaccine soon and immunization changing the scenario, the risk for some activities still high which
will delay the recover of business where agglomeration of people is essential part to support primary
activities and it is essential part of business’s process (the called social industry, such as mass
transportation, culture, tourism and hospitality). Those are the more affected and in need sectors in
danger of collapse due to the more restrictions actions as lockdowns, so it is really important to put more
effort to review essential business aspects to design safe alternatives to overcome losses and to rebuild
itself. That is why Business Resilience is a relevant perspective for thinking about these matters. Thinking
outside the box, in addition of reviewing requirements and demands, is essential to update traditional
business practices, in order to rethink and reshape business domains from scratch. And technology plays
an essential role in this scenario. This final project allows you to develop academic research to train your
analytic competencies and practice skills to produce and to share content, as well as to rehearse for the
new modalities of online recruitment and breafing in international selection.
You are applying to the new internship program Future Junior Leadership 2021 from The World Bank, and
you must demonstrate for the Search Committee in your application that you have what is needed to
become the future successful leader to guide administrative boader members and investors to recover
business from social industry. In your application you must:
• Be able to become a problem solver by quickly improving your tacit knowledge, practicing critical
thinking, providing good insights to design and to deliver effective solutions, and guidance for
essential process/procedures improvements or planning investiments;
• Demonstrate you can apply the best practices and use technological resources available to
support the organization daily activities;
• Have the skills to adapt yourself and improve your inner competences to deal with the new
challenges regarding connectivity/interactivity demands, especially taking the responsibility for
good/bad decisions practicing criticism and resiliense;
• Become accustomed to practice autonomy and leadership, in a balanced way, recognizing and
taking advantage of being creative, innovative and disruptive, without diverting from the project’s
goals and strategic directions;
• Be great in communication, be ready to deliver objective, assertive and efficient outcomes,
proving your best management insights about key business demands and problems solutions.
In this final project, you will develop a draft for a research paper about two topics you will choose to
analyze under a well-defined business perspective focus correlated with the principles of business
resilience as part of your internship application (the interest statement showing up in The World Bank).

You also will develop a video-report presentation of your research findings to support your application
shared in your YouTube channel.
This assignment is composed of an essay (written part of your research findings – 50% grade). Based on
this essay you will record a 6 minute video-report (to sell yourself as the best well prepared candidate to
be select for the internship, by sharing the research findings simulating a TED talk or a youtuber
broadcasting – 50% grade).
Remember , this assignment is not a free writing exercise; you must be able to prove to the search
committee you are the best candidate in your domain by delivering what was required. Requirements
include a business analysis of the business resilience approach applyied to the crisis context with proper
and innovating management insight of recovering process using technology to point directions of
possible solutions. Do not make assumptions, start early (pay attention to checkpoints), follow the
instructions and clear your doubts (use the online office hours).

  1. Final Project Dinamyc
    Business Resilience is the background under this research proposal. You will choose your research topics
    and your analysis focus from section Research Topic below, but Business Resilience is the concept that
    will guide the develop of your management point of view analysis. You will develop an online research to
    answer the research questions defined and to write an essay (minimum of 1000 words of content,
    excepting essay’s head, titles, fotenotes and research references of this amount of words, it is expected
    the final version of the essay file hold way more than 1000 words). You will use the essay as a script to
    record a 3 to 6 minutes video-report and you will publish it as an unlisted video in your own YouTube
    Channel. The purpose of the video is to report the research findings and to sale yourself as the best
    candidate for the internship program (check the tips for guide the video performance using the elevator
    pitch technique). The written part must be presented as an IEEE conference abstract text format (for
    guidance check template format, citation format, and file IEEETemplate_Format_Content_Checklist.pdf).
    Formatting the essay text, converting it into a conference abstract and the video-report are mandatory
    to get full points; missing any of the quality requirements will give you penalties in the assignment grade.
    The metric for all grade criterias are Insufficient (0 points), Competent (5 points) and Proficient (10
    points). Check the grading and penalties policy in this document and this assignment rubric.
    The best way to guarantee getting full points in this project is to start working early to have time to
    develop consistent research and supportive writing material that matches your individual interests. To
    avoid becoming overwhelmed while accomplishing all content and quality requirements (for the text
    formatting and for the video production) you must accomplish the final project checkpoints.
    The checkpoints are mandatory moments during the 11 weeks you will be developing this final project,
    where you must report your progress in the essay/video. It is a individual Journal, it will become available
    during 7 days before its assigned due date (check Course Schedule), where you must to proceed with a
    new entry: 200 words to report/summary your progress on the specific content production. The
    checkpoints is a strategy to keep the final project develpments in the right pace, avoiding overhelmed
    situations, but checkpoints are not a place to post project drafts (I only grade final version of the project).
    Accomplish the checkpoints is mandatory (no extra-credit granted): 2 points penalty overall the grade
    will be applied for missing to accomplish any of the assigned checkpoints (Check the Rubric).


  1. Research Topic:
    Your management point of view in this project is NOT COVID-19 but the Business Resilience perspective
    applied to recover/rebuild business in the called social industry (culture, tourism, hospitality and mass
    transportation). Take into consideration the restraints and economical repercussions of lockdowns and
    the needed restrictions against agglomarations and social gaterings. Business Resilience will be the
    perspective you will take to analyse the crisis scenario to lead to possible solutions, because it is a way
    to review business process (customer managent, supply chain managemnt, human resources
    management, production/operation process, product/service offers, brand marketing campaign, digital
    presence), and the efficiency and effectiveness of companies primary/support activities. This review
    will point directions to shifiting companies horizons/goals (competitive advantage, strategic planning,
    organizational response, investiments and business pressure). It will also be used to guide the updates
    organizations must do as part of its primary/support activites, which are changes in which technology
    plays a huge role.
    You will choose an specific organizational perspective (focus analysis, item A below) and 3 research
    topics (one technology, one business category and one business element impacted by the crisis in the
    chosen business category) linking both topics under the Business Resilience perspective to figure the
    crisis impacts and the possible alternatives, to guide the recovery social business .
    You should start to read/collect material about the business resilience and its effects for organizational
    shifting in the social industry, identify the economic effects in the focus analysis, business process and its
    connections with technology chosen by you (Check the material placed on the Discussion Board
    “Community Knowledge Hub” on Blackboard start available on Jan 25th). Your research must explain the
    role played by business resilience on the focus analysis and business process/category choose, as way to
    help companies to go back to the right track in a crisis scenario. You DO NOT NEED to present a definitive
    solution or feel responsible to solve the problem for the social industry, but you must be able to
    demonstrate to the committee your competences and expertise to use Business Resilience approach to
    analyse the market/crisis and to indicate the role played by technology in the recovering scenarios,
    considering the topics researched/reviewed (you will get this by answering the research questions).
    Remember that technology is key componete in Business Resilience because it can automatize or
    subsitute some key elements in an organization or change deeply the organizational culture and its way
    to develop activities. The resilient businesses are those that can overcome the crisis scenario by
    reviewing/updating essential business process.
    Your research will be developed taking into consideration the connections/implications for the items
    illustrated in the three topics and the analysis focus below. You MUST choose ONE item from EACH topic
    I. Information Technology (choose only one): information security, data and knowledge
    management, technology infrastructure, telecommunications/networking, cloud computing,
    crypto currency, mobile/social computing and artificial intelligence;
    II. Business Category (choose only one): mass transportation (aviation, train, bus, metro), cultural
    (concerts, sports, weddings, celebrations); tourism (local/international attractions, activities, and
    events) and hospitatilty (accommodations, travel, restaurants, personal care, sports centres, etc);
    III. Business elements (choose only one): customer managent, supply chain managemnt, human
    resources management, production/operation process, product/service offers, brand marketing
    campaign, digital presence;

After you choose your research topics you should identify the managenament focus analysis and the
economical repercussions (listed below) assessing the crisis effects and how Business Resiliense could be
apply to recover purposes in the three topics selected, taking into consideration the items:
A. Focus of your analysis: focus your research by analyzing the perspective of Business Resilience
applied to one single aspect of the social industry crisis (Topic II), to present in objective terms
the reason why your focus analys will be affected by your Topics I and III, how updates on this
topics will contribute to the organization’s resilience (for your analysis choose only ONE
management analytical focus listed here): competitive advantage, organizational response,
strategic planning, future investments, business pressure (market, technological or
societal/Political/legal/ethical issues);
B. Presenting the context and findings: Summarryze the crisis repercursions, list the impacts of the
restrictions for agglomaritons that demaged the business selected on Topic II and envision
perspectives under the new reality for this sector considering the necessity to prevent and to
contain contamination rates and the immunizations perspectives; Describe the relevance of
Business Resilience approach for the the focus analysis (item A) and the topics selected; Describe
how business resilience perspective can impact the focus analysis (item A) and the business
elements (Topic III) and how that is relevant in the recovering process to reshape the business
(Topic II); clarifying the role played by technology (Topic I) to this recovering process; Explain the
relevance of the chosen Topic I to the “new immunization reality”, to set a middle ground on the
recovering process desired;
C. Provide your individual contribution: in your analysis indicate at least one potential innovation
that the agglomeration restrictions forced the companies of the sector to develop; discuss how
that innovation impacted the chosen Topic II, highlighting one example where the chosen Topic I
was used to support to build a resilient business; you can to bring one study case to illustrate your
argumentation, share data that you identified in your research; and also try to present an insight
that demonstrates your critical thinking about the potencial of business resilience perspective to
recover business from the social industry. You can focus especially on companies/organizations
to develop this final analysis. (Be creative, innovative! Disruptive is desirable, but avoid
diverting/deflecting of the research question purpose below – on essay or on the video-report).
The research question that your essay should answer is: 1) How is Business Resilience relevant to review
the economical effects of the social industry crisis defined by Topic II due to agglomeration restrictions?
2) How does the Business Resilience perspective affect your chosen elements for item A and Topics III? 3)
How can Topic I be useful to support rethinking Topic II under the resilience perspective?
The best way to develop your research is:
i. Research about Business Resilience and its relevance to manage crisis in organizations
ii. Choose the focus of your analysis (the item in A above) in order to narrow down the scope of
what you are researching and how resilience is applied on the chosen focus analysis
iii. Choose wisely your Topics I, II and III to answer the research questions above
iv. Research online for materials that help you to answer the research questions keeping in mind the
guidance proposed by item B and item C above

v. Select from 3 to 5 fair and reliable research references/sources to support your analysis (check
the material placed on the Discussion Board “Community Knowledge Hub” on Blackboard)
Remember, the tendency is that you find too much material about all the topics researched (select
wisely/keep notes), so you must pay attention to narrow down the sources that best support a business
resilience overview, your chosen focus analysis, your chosen topics, the expected develoments and
conclusions. Also you must practice your best judgment to select trustworthy sources, published by
people or organization with a credible reputation to use as your essay references. You should keep notes
and write your essay as long as you will developing/answering all three research questions, to have time
to change/update things or start over as soon as you find a better source of content or analysis direction.
Both parts of this final project (essay and video-report) must cover the mandatory following required
content listed below or you will not get full points (check the content distribution on the file

  1. Essay’s Title: Rethinking Social Industry Through Business Resilience (do not change it)
  2. Author’s Name
  3. Author’s Major
  4. Categories choosed: Topic I, Topic II and Topic II on page 3
  5. Focus Analysis (item A chosen on page 4)
  6. Introduction (to present the chosen item A and the topics I, II and III you will analyze under the
    Business Resilience perspective, your personal motivation to research chosen topics and a
    summary overwiew of Business Resilience and its relevance to business recovery, answering the
    first question of indicated in the research question – up to 3 paragraphs)
  7. Development (developing your argumentation regarding the relation of Business resilience
    perspective and the focus analysis chosen in item A for the topics II; take into consideration the
    context proposed by the item B, analyzing its implications to the chosen focus analysis and how
    the topics I, II and III can be connected to develop a resilient business; describing the
    connection/relationship between topic III and focus analysis to sustain Topic II productivity and
    the role of Topic I in the potential solutions envisioned, answering the second question of the
    research question – up to 4 paragraphs)
  8. Conclusion (highlighting your essential contribution, a vision of potential outcomes of business
    resilience that involved topics I and II by analyzing the reposition of a company/organization or
    study case, following the suggestions recommended in the context item C, answering the third
    question of the research question – up 3 paragraphs)
  9. References (to present a complete description of all research sources consulted/chosen as
    support of the written part (check the essential reference data to cover in citation format)
  10. Link to your video report, you will record the video based in the essay outcomes and you will share
    it through your own channel in YouTube (link must work or you will get 10 points penalty overall)
  11. Feedback (include a footnote in the end of the file to provide feedback about this activity
    developments: this is your personal assessment of your evolvements in this activity (not of your
    research) describing how it contributed to improve your academic and professional competences
    – something around 100 words)

Pay Attention:
• Check the reputation of sources used. Keep in mind that reliable sources are those are published
by officially recognized institutional publishers (web sites from recognized organizations,
companies, magazines, news papers, entrepreneurs blogs, third sector/governamental/nongovernamental agencies, universities, research society, etc…), based on facts that can be easily
verified online, that are peer-reviewed, its authors are expertized or have a good reputation in its
domain (professionals, researchers, commentators, journalists, bloggers who are experts in its
domain), it was cited or shared or recommended by certified agencies (private, public, academic
or enterprise). The content and the authors are supported by recognized/reliable national and
international institutions. Avoid using well recognized fake news sources.
• IEEE Conference Abstract format is mandatory: applying the IEEE format is mandatory to the
written part of the final project. The answer for the final project assignment is the essay text,
proper formatted (template format and citation format), covering all 11 mandatory content
items listed on page 5;
• Check the content distribution on the file IEEETemplate_Format_Content_Checklist.pdf. Do not
use other methodologic guidelines or format elements that are nor displayed on the template or
in the checklist: no cover page, no sections/subsections titles (except for References), no APA
formatting style for reference items. Penalties will be applied for essays that do not follow the
IEEE Conference format (check the Rubric).
• Do not upload the video-report file as the answer of this final project. Turnitin can handle with
heavy files such as videos, you will compromise your space repository on Blackboard server. Grade
ZERO will be assigned for those that upload the video-report instead the essay.
• Remember, it is NOT ALLOWED to resubmit a modified previous version of this assignment.
Only ORIGINAL versions will be accepted. Check the penalties regarding Authenticity criteria in
the Rubric; Submissions of previous version of this assignment will get grade ZERO.
• I highly recommend to avoid using “white color quotations marks” as strategy to outwit Turnitin
similarity report feature. That is cheating. The assignment will get grade ZERO.
• I highly recommend to avoid using “direct citations”, to decrease the potential to get a higher
percent on the similarity report by Turnitin server.
• You will use the essay as the script to guide you to produce the video-report. Be wise summarizing
your research to select the key content will be presented on the 6 minutes video-report;

  1. Assignment Instructions:
    • You should start Part 1 as soon as get access to this description on week #1. This project demands
    time for you to select your research topics and focus analysis and proceed with the proper online
    research/data collection. You must keep research notes to help you to write the essay and save it
    on your computer, to be used in parts 2 and 4. As soon you finish the written part make a
    submission to check the similarity reports on Turnitin to proceed changes on essay content to
    match the authenticy/originality rubric criteria and the limit of similarity report allowed (20%). Do
    it before start to recording your video-report to make sure you will using the final version of your
    essay (by this time the essay will not be completed, it will missing the link for the video report).
    Remember: you can submit as many upadated versions of the essay in Turnitin until the due date.
    • Start Part 2 as soon as you finish Part 1 (no later than two weeks before the due date): recording
    a video demands time and attention to details to guarantee it covers all mandatory content and

it matches the quality standards. This is a big assignment; you have to summarize the most
important content of the entire essay to be able to present it in 6 minutes, and you still have the
course weekly activities to accomplish. That is why the final project is being released on day one
of the course, 11 weeks in advance of the due date.
• Start Part 3 and Part 4 no later than one week before the due date. To have enough time to
convert the essay into an IEEE conference abstract to match the format requirements (template
format and citation format) and review the technical requirements of the video-report. Even
though you have time until the due date, technical issues can always occur, connectivity to
Turnitin can be hard, leading to submission delays. I will not receive assignments submissions by
email and I will not grade anything that was not in Blackboard. Missing parts of this assignment
and delays will be penalized. There are no excuses for those who wait until the last minute to
complete the assignment since it has been released 11 weeks in advance of the due date. To
keep you in the right pace there is the checkpoints;
• You will submit one single Docx file as the answer of the Final Projet Assignment: the file must
cover all 11 items mandatory content listed on page 5.
• DO NOT SUBMIT THE VIDEO-REPORT FILE, as answer for this assignment, because heavy and
cumulative penalties will be applied, including get ZERO grade.
• The grading criteria for this final project is to get you 10 points for each of the grade criteria
detailed in the assignment rubric – Check COSC3325 – SP2021 – FinalProjectRubric;
• Complete and submit the assignment by 23:59 CST Friday – April 02nd, 2021 (no exceptions, late
submissions will be penalized with 10 points of the grade for each day delayed, by the April 07th
the submission grade will void)

  1. Detailed Assignment Parts:
    Part 1: Research/Written Part: Take into consideration this is the most important part of this project,
    the research is essential to write the essay and to record the video-report. To be successful in this part,
    matching the content quality criteria and guaranteeing full points, you should:
    a. Make sure you understand the activity main goal and you are taking care of all content items listed
    in Research Topic and Assignment Instructions requirements properly (Start early. Do not make
    assumptions: address your doubts/concerns with instructor during online office hours);
    b. Pay attention to the Checkpoints to make sure you are in the right pace
    c. Check more than one research source to use as a reference, and always keep full record of all
    references data and all material consulted (title, publisher, authorship, date of publishing,
    including date/time you accessed it, and its link. Check citation format);
    d. Give proper credit to avoid plagiarism (avoid “direct citation”, but if you use it make it in the right
    way. Remember you will share your report online and plagiarism would be easy to be noticed);
    e. Take notes of all research findings and save it on the computer. Check if your notes are providing
    complete information to covers all the 11 mandatory content items and it is enough to answer all
    three research questions in Research Topic (check content listed on page 4 and 5);
    f. Finally, use your notes to write the essay as required in Research Topic/Final Project Dynamic (it
    will serve as the draft for the conference abstract) and use it as the script to guide you to record
    your video-report.
    g. Save your essay and test the Similarity Report on Turnitin (it should report less than 20%
    similarities – status blue). You will use the essay in Part 2 and Part 4

Part 2: Record a video-report: Now it’s time for you to record your video-report, based on the content of
your essay developed in Part 1, presenting the key contents of the essay in a 3 to 6 minutes video-report.
In the video you are introducing yourself and seling yourself as the best candidate for the internship,
spotlighting your knowledge of the topics researched and presented the content as an expert. Make sure
to develop a performance on camera that captive the attention/engage your audience (check the tips for
video performance using the elevator pitch technique). You can use your phone to record your video
report. Save the file in your computer to edit it before upload to your YouTube channel. You need to edit
the video to match the content/technical quality requirements, such as to include your research
references at the end of the video (mandatory or you will get penalties). You can use Panopto or Magisto
or DaVince Resolve or any other app to edit your video-report, Check this list.
This Part 2 is related to the video-report quality of production, so look at the next sections before starting
recording it.
IMPORTANT 1: The video-report MUST cover the following contents items:
a) at the beginning of the video, you should introduce yourself with name, major, course name
(Information Systems in Organization) and term Spring 2021, the essay title and the research
topics (content items 1 to 3 listed on pages 5);
b) You must briefly describe the context of the research (presenting a quick overview of Business
Resilience and explaining its relevance to the organizations recovery, including your motivation
to choose the topics research (Research Topics, content items 4 to 6 listed on page 5);
c) You must objectively present your research findings (essay content, Research Topic content item
7 on page 5);
d) You must objectively share your contributions and conclusions about the topics researched and
your research references (essay content, Research Topic mandatory content items 8 and 9 on
page 5). I suggest you to leave the references to be presented as a single slide in the end of the
video after you presented all the content required – leave the references being presented at least
for 20 seconds in the end of the video, so you MUST to edit the video to include this information
correctly in the video;
e) Briefly, you should provide feedback about the experience of developing this assignment (the
entire assignment, not only the research), sharing how this activity might helped you to improve
your academic/professional competences (Research Topic content item 11 on page 5).
Reserve the first 4 to 5 minutes of the video-report to cover the items a to d, and use the final minutes
to working in item e. Try to not exceed the time, keep the report between 3 (minimal) and 6 minutes
tops (it is allowed exceed in 10 to 20 seconds beyond 6 minutes), avoiding getting penalties to exceed
the time or to produce a too-short or too long video. Save the file to make the needed editons to
include the research reference in the end before upload it to your YouTube channel;
IMPORTANT 2: There are a few quality and technical standards that your video-report MUST match:
i. Narrative video is not allowed, you must appear in the video in the foreground (like if you were
in a Zoom meeting), so it is not allowed for you to just be heard and do not be seen in the videoreport (voice-over reports are also not allowed – exceptions will be allowed only under previous
clear authorization from the instructor, the requests to use alternative formats for any reason
MUST be done in advance with plenty time for the instructor provide an alternative format to

the student and the request MUST be campaigning by proper/documented justification. DO NOT
ii. Pay attention to the quality of the audio and image: lighting, surround noise, problems to
hear/understand what you are saying, or to see you will result in penalties.
iii. Pay attention to the privacy/security requirements, make your video unlisted so you are the
only responsible to control who gets access to it, security/privacy not compliance will get you
iv. Make sure your video is accessible, so include proper subtitles on it;
v. Make sure your video is copyright sharing, make it creative commons licensed (another reason
to be aware to avoid plagiarism);
vi. Make sure that your video does not have less than 3 or exceed 6 minutes (few seconds exceed,
about 10 to 20 seconds are allowed, more than this you will get penalties).
vii. This is not a Hollywood production! But remember that producing a quality audio-visual
material demands time and sometimes many takes might be needed until you get the best shot.
Make sure to present yourself and surroundings in the most professional perspective possible;
viii. Pay attention to many aspects can interfere or compromise the quality of your video: light,
noise, background, stage fright, forgetting essential content and experience many different
technical issues;
ix. Review your video to make sure that you did match all content and quality requirements.
Part 3: Create a YouTube channel and upload the video-report: If you do not have a Google Account, you
should create one to be able to create your YouTube channel.
• You will name your channel as SP21COSC3325-YourName (in my case it will be SP21COSC3325-
ScheilaMartins – YouTube channel’s name has size restrictions, so keep it short). If you already
have a Google Account, then you only need to create a new channel and name it as requested
previously. You will find the instructions to create a Google Account or a second YouTube Channel
in the slides COSC3325 – Introduction to Course Basic Tools at link Final Project inside the folder
you got these instructions on Blackboard. Or you can also check these two videos Link1 or Link2.
• You MUST upload your video-report as an unlisted video on your YouTube channel. The
instructions about how to upload an unlisted video you will find in the slides COSC3325 –
Introduction to Course Basic Tools at link Final Project inside the folder you got these instructions
on Blackboard. Or you can also check the video Link3. Double-check your channel permissions
and video-report link settings to guarantee the video is unlisted but accessible to those who hold
the link. The accessibility/privacy/security measures of this video are your sole responsibility.
Part 4: Answer this Final Project on Blackboard: To correctly answer this final project, you must go to the
Assignment navigation link, looking for the respective Turnitin assignment entry to proceed the
submission. Before start your submission, please check the follow procedures:
a. Open the essay file you create/save in Part 1, proceed with the required content formatting
(text/references) to turn it into an IEEE conference abstract, using the recommended template
format and citation format. Check the content distribution on the file
IEEETemplate_Format_Content_Checklist.pdf. Save the file updated with the name ABSTRACTYourName
b. COPY / PASTE the link of your video-report as the last content of the file (accomplishing the
item 10 from Research Topic on page 5).

c. Save the file again, and UPLOAD it on Turnitin.
IMPORTANT 3: You must share ONLY THE LINK for your video-report inside the file ABSTRACT-YourName.
DO NOT UPLOAD your video-report file on Turnitin. The video-report file will not be assessed unless as
unlisted video in the student’s own YouTube channel. Do not fulfill this requirement, uploading the
video file on Turnitin instead the essay will get ZERO as the Final Project grade.
IMPORTANT 4: Have in mind that you MUST test the link for the video-report in advance to guarantee it
works (send it to yourself or a family member by email, and test if it opens through different devices), just
to make sure that it is working before your submit the assignment. Links that do not work/do not open
will accumulate different penalties in the grading process plus 10 points penalty overall grade. You may
ended up with ZERO grade due the penalties you might accumulate.

  1. Turnitin Submission Instructions:
    Many attempts of submission can be done at Turnitin until the due date, so make sure that you covered
    all requirements to get the full points, including review the similarity report, it should be under 20% to
    avoid to get Penalties.
  2. Assignment Detailed Grading and Penalties Policy (They are cumulative and you can easily
    end up with ZERO grade if you do not observe these requirements):
    Check the complete grade rubric for this assignment, file COSC3325 – SP2021 – FinalProjectRubric
    6.1. Rubric Criteria and Penalties
    Video-report missing ANY of the essential content items described in the IMPORTANT 1 section of Part 2
    will get only half of the grade on Completeness criteria (competent level – Be aware of IMPORTANT 1
    requirements page 8).
    Video-report only containing audio (narrative video) is not allowed and it will get only half of the grade
    on both Formatting and Tech Quality and Completeness criteria (Competent level – Be aware of
    IMPORTANT 1 and IMPORTANT 2 requirements pages 8 and 9)
    Video-report lacking quality of sound/image or crash making difficult for the instructor to assess its
    content will get only half of the grade on Formatting and Techn Quality criteria (Competent level – Be
    aware of IMPORTANT 2 requirement pages 8 and 9)
    Video-report did not observe accessibility, security, privacy and license issues will get only half of the
    grade on Techn Quality criteria (Competent level – Be aware of IMPORTANT 2 requirement page 8 and
    Video-report where the link shared does not work/open, preventing instructor from assessing the videoreport content will get NO credit for Formatting and Technical Quality criteria (Insufficient Level), only
    half the grade for Completeness criteria (Competent level) plus 10 points penalty overall the grade (Be
    aware of IMPORTANT 4 requirement, test the links more than once in different devices and check your
    channel permissions, page 10).
    Video-report with less than 3 minutes or more than 6:20 minutes will get only half of the grade on
    Formatting and Techn Quality criteria (Competent level – Be aware of IMPORTANT 2 requirement page
    8) and 5 points of penalty overall the grade.

File ABSTRACT-YourName that reporting more than 20% rate in its Turnitin similarity report will get only
half of the grade for Authenticy criteria (Competent Level) and rates superior to 30% get NO credit to
Text Quality criteria (Insufficient Level).
File ABSTRACT-YourName that misses ANY required content listed in Research Topic (items 1 to 11) will
get only half of the grade for Completeness criteria (Competent Level).
File ABSTRACT-YourName that present incompleted research references data (just links) listed in
Research Topic (item 9) will get only half of the grade for Completeness criteria (Competent Level).
File ABSTRACT-YourName the range of words of essay content in Research Topic (items 6 to 8) was less
than the 1000 minimum required will get only half of the grade on Completeness criteria (competent
File ABSTRACT-YourName that misses the link for the shared video-report (item 10 of Research Topic)
will get only half of the grade for Completeness criteria (Competent Level) plus 10 points penalty overall
the grade.
File ABSTRACT-YourName empty will get ZERO as final project.
File ABSTRACT-YourName that misses ANY of the required IEEE conference text/reference format it will
get half of the grade for Formatting and Technical Quality criteria (Competent Level), plus 5 points
penalty overall the grade
File ABSTRACT-YourName that is not formatting or it is presenting a different format than IEEE conference
text/reference format requested it will get half of the grade for for Technical Quality criteria (Competent
Level), plus 10 points penalty overall the grade
Submission of the video-report file instead of or together with the file ABSTRACT-YourName as requested
will get ZERO as final project grade and (Be aware of IMPORTANT 3 requirements page 10).
6.1. Penalties Overall the Grade (after appling the rubric criteria these points will be taken
out of the remain grade and you can ended up with grade ZERO)
• Video-report link that does not work or does not open – 10 points
• Video-report too short or too long – 5 points
• Essay file that is not a DOCx or RTF file (PDF file) – 5 points
• Essay that missing the link for the video-report – 10 points
• Essay file name that not follow the format ABSTRACT-YourName – 5 points
• Essay content that missing the elements of IEEE format – 5 points
• Essay content that did not apply the IEEE format (different from requested) – 10 points
• LATE Submition – 10 points penalty for each day delayed (on Apr 07th the grade will be ZERO)
• Checkpoint missed – 2 points for each checkpoint missed
6.2. Penalties that VOID the assignment (grade ZERO nao matters what)
• Submit a empty file as ABSTRACT-YourName or submit the video-report file on Blackboard
• Resubmit the assignment developed in a previous editon of COSC3325 (SP2020,SU2020,FA2020)
• LATE submission by Apr 7th
• Attempts of outwit Turnitin similarity reports

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