Resource Based View ( RBV)

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1. Write down three reasons why the Resource Based View ( RBV) of the firm has come to occupy a central position in strategic management in the past 10 or 15 years. (150 words )

2. SHRM models and theories suggest that all HR strategies, plans and processes should be formulated within the context of broad organisational strategies and should be responsive to the changing nature of organisations’ external environments.Provide at least one reason that HRM strategies are sometimes not well-aligned with business goals and objectives, from the perspectives of both senior managers and HR professionals. (100 words)

3. How do HRM professionals/practitioners promote effective organisational ethics? Are there universal practices that transcend national borders, or are difference organisational ethics required in different countries? Why might this be the case? (100 words )

4. Thinking about your own experience of being part of or dealing with business organisations. What are the signs that any business is acting responsibly and ethically? List at least one sign in each of the following areas: customer service; environmental responsibility; financial probity; compliance with the law and truth-telling; fair and legal treatment of staff; overall attitude to Responsible Business. (100 words )

5. Read article and develop two solutions that HR managers can take to address the problems of present and future skills shortages. Write a short paragraph of 150 words to discuss this issue.

6. Impact of social issues in the workplace : There are many social issues that arise in workplaces such as gender inequality, racial inequality, wage inequality, sexual harassment , occupational stress. In addition to affecting employees and becoming a factor that affects human resource management, these issues can also have a personal and direct impact on those in the human resource management team. How can HRM play a role in providing deeper awareness of issues in diversity and contemporary strategic human resource management? (500 words )

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Resource Based View ( RBV)

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