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The Organization, Its Mission, & Codes of Conduct. (2-3 pages) Summarize the organization’s current focus, background/history, and the professional/ethical codes that govern it. The goal is for you to gain a deeper understanding of this organization and how it operates. Make sure to write a coherent/flowing entry (don’t just document the answers to the prompts below).  < You might have to talk with several people in the organization to get all the information you will need to write this entry >  Within the entry: 

  • Identify the organization’s mission statement (quote it completely and accurately) and reflect on the mission (is there a mission, vision, values statement for the org? if so, get it and know it!) Is the organization accomplishing its mission?  Is it a helpful statement?  Do employees seem aware of the mission?  Why or why not?  Is there a motto?
  • What are you learning about the culture and how the system works?
  • Discuss the codes of conduct operating in this workplace.  Does the organization have an unspoken code OR a specific code of conduct?  Is there a mix?  Is there a larger ethical code at work from a professional association?  If so (& most do!), find & read them and comment on the policies

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