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Is “My Jesus” the Same Jesus as the Jesus of the Gospels? The student will review the video submitted in the Video Report Assignment in which they described the Jesus they understood at the time, and then write an essay comparing the Jesus they described in that video to the Jesus they have now come to know through a serious study of the Gospels. Are they the same Jesus? If so, reflect on how the understanding of Jesus described in the Video Report Assignment has been validated by the Jesus encountered in the study of the Gospels this term. If not, reflect on what has changed in student’s understanding of the Jesus they described in the Video Report Assignment.


The major sources of information you are to use in your essay are the Gospels themselves and your course Learn materials (textbooks and presentations). This is not a research assignment into the views of the scholars in the secondary sources (academic commentaries, journal articles, books, etc.); rather, this is to be your own experience with the Jesus of the Gospels as you encountered him this term through your study of the Gospels and the course Learn materials. While you are free to interact with extra-course sources if you choose, please note that you are required to interact with course materials.

  • Length of assignment: Not to exceed 500 words, double-spaced, excluding title page and bibliography.
  • Format of assignment: Turabian. The student may document passages from the Gospels with parenthetical citations, but all other sources used must be documented with properly formatted footnotes in current Turabian format.
  • Number of citations: There is no minimum number of citations required. That said, the student is required to demonstrate engagement with course materials (the Gospels, textbook, and presentations) with appropriate source citations.
  • Acceptable sources: Course Learn materials. Recent scholarly sources, especially commentaries on the Gospels, must be used if secondary sources are consulted. Internet sources require the instructor’s prior approval.

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