Project #1: Demand Forecasting

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All deliverables should be submitted to assignment “Project #1” at Quercus by the
announced submission due.
Project description:
Using the data that can be downloaded from assignment “Project #1” at Quercus, you
will have to develop a working program that accepts user inputs including (1) client, (2)
material and (3) date, and forecast future demand in response to the input. The output
is the forecasted demand of the material from the client on the given date. Note that
(1) If client is not given, please forecast aggregate demand for the given material
from all clients on the given future date
(2) When material is not given, please forecast aggregate demand for all the
materials from the given client on the given future date
The forecast should be based on at least two different methods: one covered by the
course and another that you study on your own. The program outputs two forecasts for
the two methods.
Deliverable: either 1 or 2

  1. Jupyter Notebook with python codes embedded
  2. A report (up to 50 pages) with python codes or any other implementation as a
    separate submission
    Both will have to follow the guidelines as follows:
    A. Summary (250~300 words)
    B. Explanation and visualization of the data (250~300 words)
    a. Explanation of fields
    b. Graphs over time for each client, for each material, for each pair of client and
    C. Methods
    a. Method 1 (500~750 words)
    b. Method 2 (500~750 words)
    D. Explanation of major functions in the code (500~750 words)
    E. How to use (250~300 words)

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Project #1: Demand Forecasting

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