Nursing Theories System Models Discussion

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Nursing Theories System Models Discussion

Two well-known nursing theories are the Systems Model and the Interactive Model of nursing. Both of these nursing theories are very important to the role of the nurse, but vary in how they prioritize various aspects of the job. The primary focus of the Systems Model of nursing is to gain more information about the patient’s condition based on various stressors and how they interact with a patient. For example, the stressor type and how they interact with the patient are referred to as input, while the patients response to the stressors is called output and both work together to fulfill a feedback loop that the nurse can then use to interpret the patient’s condition, communicate with the other members of the healthcare team, and evaluate the implemented plan of care for efficacy. It is well within the scope of the nurse to gain various forms of objective and subjective data on a patient which when communicated with the primary healthcare provider and treatment team, can guide the direction of the patient’s goals of care and treatment.

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Nursing Theories System Models Discussion

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