Module 8: Portfolio Project

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Option #1: Investments in the Finance Profession

The Portfolio Project assignment consists of an academic paper that examines the topic of Investments in the Finance Profession. The schedule for the portfolio is below:

  • Week 3: Submit your topic, key points of the paper, and a brief discussion of why you selected your specific topic.
  • Week 5: Submit a complete outline of all elements to be addressed, a detailed listing of all key points to be covered, and a description of facts and sources to be referenced.
  • Week 8: Submit the completed Portfolio Project.

The purpose of this Portfolio Project is to allow you to select an area of the course that has personal interest to you, having the most direct relevance to your career/professional life, and explore it in depth, creating linkages to other topics of the course.

Using the syllabus and topics covered in the course, as well as readings assigned, select your topic and prepare a 7- to 10-page (double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font) paper that addresses the following areas:

  1. Detailed Summary. Provide a detailed summary to demonstrate an understanding of the concept being researched. Use the textbook, as well as other credible, professional sources to enhance and express your knowledge on the subject area (2-4 pages).
  2. Literature Review. Use the University library to review professional publications and locate articles that relate to your topic. These articles should be published in journals that are utilized by financial planning professionals. Do not cite sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia or general websites in your review of the literature. The CSU Global library is a good place to do research.
    1. Only professional sources (i.e., journals from the library) should be used. Please consult with your instructor or the CSU Global librarian if you are unsure what qualifies as a professional source. You should include 5-7 articles and within your review compare, contrast and synthesize the points presented within the articles to reach a conclusion on how professionals feel on the issue being researched (2-4 pages). Use an APA format for the literature reviews including an abstract for each source.
  3. Case Study. Using yourself, a relative, or a fictitious client that you may work with at some point, create a basic case study to illustrate how your concept would be applied in an actual financial planning investment decision (2-4 pages).
  4. Include some research on cryptocurrency and financial technology (FinTech).

Include both a title and references page (not counted in the 7- to 10-page length).

Your paper may be longer than 10 pages if necessary, to illustrate points intended and must be in a Word document. Calculations are not required for this assignment. If you wish to include calculations to illustrate your points, include them in a table within your paper and be sure to submit only one document to be graded in response to this assignment. You must use at least 12 references, at least 10 of which should be scholarly/peer-reviewed. Your references and your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center. (Links to an external site.) Examine the Portfolio Project grading rubric for this assignment to see how you will be graded.




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Module 8: Portfolio Project

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