Knife Product Discussion Paper

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  • copy and paste the questions into your initial post with your response.
  • thorough, yet concise responses that prompt discussion
  • do not make simple comments, such as “good work!” There will be no credit for such responses that end rather than foster discussion.
  • 5-7 thoughtful, well written sentences minimum
  • be sure to answer all questions or full credit and respond to 2 other students
  • grammar and spelling counts.
  • Start a new discussion thread and answer these questions:
    • a) What did you learn from this talk that you didn’t know or found interesting?
    • b) Inspire others who may want to tackle a new goal next month… Share with your peers what your behavior change contract goal was and how you feel, your progress, or accomplishment. What worked for you or what your would do differently next time. Is there a long term goal you are striving for?
    • c) What have you learned from this class and/or have implemented into your life that has improved your personal health?

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Knife Product Discussion Paper

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