Instructional Models Strategies Worksheet

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Instructional models apply learning theories to the selection of instructional strategies in a manner that will improve planning and differentiation to aid in student success. Understanding how various teaching models and strategies were designed to better reach students allows teachers to adjust their teaching styles to adapt their classrooms.

For this assignment, complete the “Instructional Models/Strategies” template .

Part 1: Analysis

  • Describe the defining characteristics of each instructional model or strategy.
  • Include an example of how you would use the instructional model or strategy in your teaching to meet the needs of diverse students.
  • Explain how the instructional model or strategy supports the diverse needs of students.

Part 2: Application

Review the academic standard and learning objective you created in Topic 2. Using the “Class Profile,” select three of the six instructional models from Part 1 that would be appropriate to teach the standard and objective.

For each model, include the following:

  • Explanation of how you would implement the model or strategy to teach the standard and objective from Topic 2
  • Rationale explaining why the instructional model or strategy is effective in supporting student learning of the standard and objective

Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.


TOPIC: In Georgia the standard are called Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and they can be found at org/Georgia-Standards” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”> . The grade level in which I am currently interested in is Kindergarten, Math. For the standard in which I am considering is K.CC which covers counting and cardinality. Students must first understand counting and understand the relationship between numbers to have a strong foundation. Focus on K.CC.A.1

Review Chapters 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 for models discussed in the assignment template.


Read “10 Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies” by Pakizer located on the Simple K12 website (2016).


Read “Teaching Tools and Strategies for Diverse Learners” by O’Donnel located on the International Literacy Association website (2016).



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Instructional Models/Strategies

Part 1: Analysis

  Description Example Supporting DiverseNeeds of Students (ie. ELL, gifted, Students with Exceptionalities, etc).
DirectInstructionProvide a description of direction instruction.Provide an example of what direct instruction might look like in the classroom.How does this support diverse needs of students?
Concept Attainment
Concept Development
Vocabulary Acquisition
Cooperative Learning

Part 2: Application

Grade LevelInput the Grade Level you planned for in Topic 2 Academic Standard  Input the Standard you planned for in Topic 2 
Learning ObjectiveInput the objective you planned for in Topic 2 
Instructional Model/Strategy 1:(Input a selected strategy)ExplanationExplain how you will use this strategy in your lesson as it applies to the objective above.
RationaleInclude your rationale.
Instructional Model/Strategy 2: Explanation 
Instructional Model/Strategy 3: Explanation 

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Instructional Models Strategies Worksheet

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