Final Term Paper (Case Study) and Powerpoint

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Topic: Corporate Crisis Management: An in-depth comparison of Tylenol’s 1982 response to the deaths in

Chicago versus 2009-10 recall.

There is no assignment reading for this assignment. You are to conduct independent research for this

assignment and are encouraged to use all existing and available course materials.

Assignment: Answer all parts of this multi-pronged Assignment Question:

Identify and critically evaluate the issues in both the 1982 and 2009-2010 Tylenol recalls from the perspective

of Business, Government and Society, individually, while also commenting on how the issues are inter-related.

Additionally, be sure to comment on what the circumstances were that led up to each event? What effects the

political and regulatory environment enabled and/or constrained on how Tylenol reacted? Identify the key

ethical questions which emerge in each scenario.

Instructor Expectations


 It is expected that students conduct independent research, as well as consider all reference and

supplemental materials provided over the course, to thoroughly understand the topic and identify the

issues so as to qualitatively and substantively critically evaluate how the issues affect and are affected by

the inter-relationship of business, government and society.

 As you are Master’s students, write accordingly paying attention to grammar, spelling, syntax, and tone.

Thoroughly proofreading your paper prior to submission is strongly encouraged.

The Final Paper WILL:

 Be a critical evaluation of the issues and NOT personal opinion.

 Include citations and references of at least 7 trusted sources to show you researched the topic and to

support assertions being made as part of the critical evaluation process.

 Answer the multi-pronged Assignment Question specified in the syllabus.

 Comport with all current APA formatting guidelines including, but not limited to references; in-text

citations; cover page; pagination; double-spacing; 1-inch margins; Times New Roman 12-point font.

 Be independently authored and submitted as a Word document via Blackboard.

 Be a Minimum of 5 full pages, Maximum of 6 pages of content.

*this does NOT include the cover page, an abstract if written, or the reference section.

**Failure to submit 5 FULL pages of content will adversely impact your grade as follows:

(1 page=20%, 2 pages=40%, 3 pages=60%, 4 pages=80%, 5 pages=100% of content).

Grading Rubric for Final Paper POINTS

Concise Introduction 5

Summary of Incidents 10

Critical Evaluation of issues from the perspective of Business 10

Critical Evaluation of issues from the perspective of Government 10

Critical Evaluation of issues from the perspective of Society 10

Critical Evaluation of how issues relate with each other 10

Critical Evaluation of effects of the political and regulatory environment 10

Critical Evaluation of key ethical questions that emerge in both scenarios 10

Concise Conclusion 5

Grammar, Spelling, Syntax, Tone and Writing Style 10

APA Referencing and Citations 10

Total points for Final Paper

(Please see example attached; however, use as a guide and you are still responsible for meeting the requirement.)

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Final Term Paper (Case Study) and Powerpoint

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