Critical Issues in Education

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Synthesize your own research and opinion with the two articles which speak to grading practices. Using APA format, write a 3-5 page paper that follows this format with headers: (Exemplar provided).

Introduction: Use a hook to engage the reader. Continue with an explanation of what you will be writing about in your paper. Introduce the titles and authors of the essays.
The Issue(s): Explore the issues of the two essays, using the text as support. Discuss where the essays converge or diverge on the issue.
Reflection: Discuss how your philosophy of education influences your opinion on the issues in the essays.
Conclusion: Wrap up your paper and leave the reader something to think about
References: APA format, alphabetized… (The two articles provided, A Mania for Rubrics and Grading: The Issue is not How but Why).

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Critical Issues in Education

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