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Week 4 Discussion
Step 1. How to Write a Job Announcement
Read the following article from monster.com that
describes how to write a job announcement.
Step 2. Locate a Job Announcement
Next, go to monster.com and locate a job announcement for a job you might be interested in obtaining
Step 3. Review the Employer’s Website
After reviewing the job announcement go to the “careers” or “jobs” website of the company that is
Step 4. Evaluate the Job Announcement and Employer’s Website
Finally, for your discussion post I would like to evaluate both the job announcement and the employer’s
“careers” website.
Include the link to the announcement and the employer’s “Careers” web site.
Use the information presented in Step 1 in your answer, but some other things you might want to
consider are the following:
• Is there enough information for you to make a decision about the job and the company?
• Is the information specific enough or is it too general?
• Do you think the information is realistic in terms of what the job and company are actually like?
• Is the web site easy to navigate?
• Are both appealing to the types of people who will be looking at them?
• Is the job announcement and company website consistent?
• Is compensation addressed?
• What changes would you make?
You must make your initial post no later than 11:59 PM HST Thursday. Your answer must be a minimum
of 400 words.
You must make a substantial reply to another student no later than 11:59 PM HST Sunday. Your reply
must be a minimum of 250 words.
There is no need for an additional scholarly source when evaluating the job announcement. Use the link
provided in Step 1. You still need to properly cite and reference the webpage, however.
Grading Criteria

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Employee Recruitment

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