Counseling and Internship Hours Worksheet

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UNV-508 Topic 3: Counseling Worksheet

Details: Complete all four parts of the chart listed below. Include properly formatted APA in-text citations as needed as well as an APA formatted reference note below.

Part 1: Practicum and Internship

Directions: Include in-text citations from the Practicum/Internship Manual and your state board as needed.

Practicum and Internship
1.How and when would you begin to search for your practicum and internship site?
2.What steps would you take to secure a practicum and internship site?
3.What are the top two questions you would ask a supervisor interviewing you?
4.After reviewing your state board licensing requirements, do the following:Identify the number of required practicum hoursList how many practicum and internship hours are required by your stateList how many practicum and internship hours are required by GCU
5.What is the difference between direct and indirect hours? How many will you need of each during the practicum and the following internship courses?
6.What documentation do you need to have in place before you begin your practicum and internship?
7.Summarize your goals that you would like to achieve by the time you complete the internship experience.
8.List at least three of the largest behavioral health resources in your area. Do any of these offer internships for counselors?

Part 2: Licensure

Directions: Cite the appropriate state board website information. Please do not contact your state behavioral health board.

1.What licenses does your Behavioral Health Board cover for counseling?
2.What are three main differences between two of these licenses covered by the board?
3.Are there tiered levels between dependent to independent licensure in your state (such as LAC to LPC, LPC to LCPC, or counseling intern to LMHC)? What are the differences between the two tiers in your state?
4.What does it take in your state to be a specialist in your field?
5.What is an endorsement/reciprocal license? Briefly discuss endorsement/reciprocal licensure in your state.

Part 3: Personal Professional Plan

Personal Professional Plan
1.Where do you want to be one year after graduation?
2.Do you have plans to be in private practice? If so, what would you need to consider in developing the plan of action?

Part 4: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Orientation Videos

Directions: Cite the orientation videos. The videos are located under the Topic 3 materials. Note: You should read the questions before watching the videos.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Orientation Videos
1.According to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Orientation video, what is the mission of the counseling program?
2.There are five program objectives listed in the orientation video. In one sentence, discuss the last one in that list. How does it pertain to you?
3.According to the orientation video, what is the name of the code of ethics counselors in training need to adhere to?
4.Do you feel as if the orientation video and student handbook were useful to understand the program you are currently enrolled in? Are you aware that you can contact your student counselor or college administration with any questions?



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