Case Study #2

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For this assignment, you will research and select one company that you believe has high levels of corporate social responsibility.

After deciding on which company to write your essay about, respond to the following questions in essay format:

Discuss in your own words how you would explain what business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to someone who has never taken this course.
Give a brief overview of the company you have researched… what does the company do? why do you believe they have a high level of CSR? How does this company give back to the community?
Local communities are also stakeholders in companies doing business in the community. How can companies be more ethical in considerations of the local community stakeholders? What additional opportunities would you implement to the communities where the company is located?
Prepare your responses in a Word document that is in essay format. Do not simply list and answer the questions.

Essay should be a minimum of 1 pages in length (APA format).

At least two references are required. Please be sure to cite and reference in APA.

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Case Study #2

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