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The essay is a comparative analysis. You will compare the processes used to change the Army during the post-Vietnam timeframe to the processes used today. Use one of the Big 5 from your readings as the basis to conduct the comparison. JCIDS, DAS, PPBE, TAA, TAP, etc. did not exist during the post-Vietnam era. So how did the Army make decisions and how is that different than today? Why does it matter? This is not a history paper of what happened in the past, nor is it a paper that acts like the current processes were used in the past. It is a comparative analysis. How did the Army decide what strategic changes needed to take place? How was it different than what happens today? What is your analysis of this difference/these differences? The preceding is an example for looking at strategic guidance. Ensure you address each of the ELOs. You must address materiel and organizational change in your essay. Ensure you do not simply regurgitate today’s process; that is not a comparative analysis between two different things. Review the ELOs associated with this course before beginning your essay. Your paper must demonstrate your understanding of each ELO, how the applicable processes work, and how they provide capabilities to commanders. You will demonstrate this understanding through a comparative analysis (You can also look at the applicable lesson advance sheets for more specific information on each ELO requirement.) ELO-CC-8.1: Describe how strategic guidance leads to identifying requirements and solutions to provide capabilities. ELO-CC-8.2: Develop solutions across DOTMLPF-P. ELO-CC-8.3: Explain how the Army allocates resources to support solutions. ELO-CC-8.4: Employ force integration to provide capability to combatant commanders.

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