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In groups of three, you will write a report on the animal species of your choice. Please select from the following: Black-footed Ferret, Florida Manatee, Gray Wolf, Green Sea Turtle, Hyacinth Macaw, Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly, Lowland Gorilla, Siberian Tiger. Those shells allow you to exchange comments, materials, etc. within your group. You are expected to submit one Report per group to the appropriate forum on Discussion Board.

The Report should be around three-four pages long, assuming a 12-point font. Use online scholarly resources, list them as references and quote them in-text according to the APA style.         

Please include the following in the content:

  1. General information about the species: its zoological classification (e.g. rodent, bird of prey, etc), reproduction ( e.g. a clutch of four to five eggs once a year, type and length of care for the young), diet (e.g. omnivore, insectivore, particular food only), range (e.g. U.S. Southwest, Northern Australia, etc), include any important information about the animals’ habits, and particular characteristics.
  2. The species’ conservation status and its uses by humans: include conservation status (e.g. least concern, endangered, threatened, etc); threats due to poaching  & examples of conservation efforts; uses: hunting (for food, for clothing, jewelry or decorations, for trophy); farming for food or body parts; other uses: in entertainment and/or research.
  3. The species’ religious and cultural significance (use Chapters 14, 15, and 16, as general guides for this section of the report). Discuss religious and cultural symbolism of the species, its use as exotic pets, its representations in literature, film, and on the internet.
  4. Your reflection: discuss the main insights that you gained from the research you did on your species.

Report Grading – All group members will receive the same score.  Total 13 points possible, distributed, as follows: 

  • general information –2.5 points (0.5 point for each: classification, reproduction, diet, range, habits);
  • the species’ conservation status and its uses by humans – 2.5 points ( 0.5 point for each: status, poaching & conservation efforts, hunting, farming, other uses). 
  • the species’ religious and cultural significance – 2.5 points (0.5 point each for: religious symbolism and/or cultural symbolism, use as exotic pets, representations in literature, in film, on the Internet.
  • your reflection – 3 points (1 point for each well-presented insight – max. 5 points).
  • form – 2.5 points  (0.75 point for each: APA-style in-text citations, APA-style reference list,                   0.5 point for each: academic prose, and grammatical usage).

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