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How I Built This Analysis Assignment Instructions: Select one episode from the How I Built This podcast series by Guy Raz. These podcast episodes (How I Built This) can be found on YouTube or via the podcast app on your smart phone (search: HOW I BUILT THIS). After you watch/listen/review the podcast episode of your choice you will need to prepare ONE 5-7 minute presentation discussing key points from the podcast you reviewed (see the questions below). Using Powerpoint and . Also, craft ONE DISCUSSION PROMPT related to your reviewed podcast and presentation that fellow students can respond to. You can add your discussion prompt to the HOW I BUILT THIS DISCUSSION BOARD space. Questions to address: In your presentation, respond to the following questions. Do not forget to include ONE DISCUSSION BOARD PROMPT for fellow students to respond to. How I Built This What was the name and background (what had they done previously, what sort of skills did they have and develop BEFORE they pursued their idea) of the entrepreneur being interviewed? What was the product, service, or idea they developed? What is the value proposition associated with their product, service, or idea? What human/environmental qualities did they identify as essential to their success? What challenge(s) did they identify and how did they overcome them to reach success? Was there anything that stood out to you as a key moment in their business’s development and success? Identify a key take away regarding the disposition of the entrepreneur interviewed?

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