BEHS 380 Week 7 Discussion

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Choose one of the legal/moral issues regarding end-of-life issues addressed in this week’s readings/videos, and explain the two (or more) sides of this issue. Why is the issue controversial?

If you’d like, you can also incorporate an outside source, but please use at least one of this week’s resources in your response.

An excellent response will be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length, using complete sentences and concise language. Please cite at least 2 of this week’s Learning Resources in your response.


READ: Pevey – Chapter 89: Living wills and durable power of attorney for health care. Handbook of Death and Dying.

READ: Miller et al. – Chapter 92: The disposition of property: Transfers between the dead and the living. Handbook of Death and Dying.

READ: Bryant & Snizek – Chapter 93: The last will and testament: A neglected document in sociological research. Handbook of Death and Dying.

READ: Lipka, M. (2014, Jan. 7). 5 facts about Americans’ views on life-and-death issues. Retrieved from

READ: Harbeck, K. M. (2015). Legal and Ethical Issues of Life and Death.

WATCH: New York Times. (2014, April 21). Terri Schiavo documentary: The case’s enduring legacy. Retrieved from

WATCH: New York Times. (2015, May 24). Jack Kevorkian and the right to die. Retrieved from

READ: Andrews, M. (2017, Aug 2). Many avoid end-of-life care planning, study finds. Retrieved from

READ: National Institute on Aging (2018). Getting your affairs in order. Retrieved from

READ: It’s Okay to Die (2011). Planning your death checklist. Retrieved from (Checklist referred to in Mini-Lecture 2.)


READ: Peck – Chapter 90: The death certificate: Civil registration, medical certification, and social issues. Handbook of Death and Dying.

READ: Claude & Downs – Chapter 91: Coroner and medical examiner. Handbook of Death and Dying.

READ: Chow, K. (2018, June 29). Jahi McMath, teen at the center of medical and religious debate on brain death, has died. NPR. Retrieved from

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BEHS 380 Week 7 Discussion

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