Global Studies 130

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Assignment 4 Guidelines
Assignment 4: Presentations
Due Week 10 in Section (See Syllabus and GauchoSpace for Due Dates).
8 minutes using Power Point Slides
The objective of the Presentation is to communicate your findings. This final piece of the
assignment series emphasizes communication, challenging you to convey the key
aspects of your Case Study in a team “lightning talk”: a concise and compelling oral and
visual presentation. Each member of the team must prepare and deliver a portion of the
final Presentation
• Your team has 7 minutes to present. This is a strict time limit.
• You must use PowerPoint format slides (pptx).
• You must attend all classmates’ presentations and take notes during classmates’
presentations in order to share feedback
Steps / Suggestions

  1. Plan your presentation carefully. Make sure to deliver your analyses and ideas for
  2. Design your presentation to be compelling. Why should people care about this
    problem? What is interesting about this intervention?
  3. Make your slides in order to reinforce and be additive to your argument. DO NOT
    have a bunch of text that is the same as what you are saying. Eliminate extraneous
  4. Practice your presentation several times. Memorize your outline structure. Don’t rely
    on a word-for-word script.
  5. Practice your voice tone, volume and speed.
  6. Practice confident and comfortable body language and eye contact with your
    audience. Try practicing in the mirror.

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