Assessment of Certification, Patient Outcomes, and Leadership

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  1. State the clinical certification and target population that were approved by your instructor in the Week 2: Direct Care Part 1 Assessment and Diagnosis Check-In.
  1. Clinical certification
  • Target population including setting
  • Discuss why this clinical certification was selected in relationship to the selected setting.
  • Describe the criteria for selected clinical certification
    • Process to obtain clinical certification
  • Cost of application and testing
  • Requirements prior to certification
  • Examination description
  • Renewal time and process
  • Required items for renewal
  • Provide APA reference for one peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article connecting patient outcomes, clinical certification, and leadership skills. See reference criteria under directions and include Permalink.
  • Summary of article (one to two paragraphs)
  • How could patient outcomes in the selected setting be improved by certified nurses?
  • How can clinical certification impact leadership skills in the selected setting?

Problem Diagnosis Statement

Write a diagnosis based on the problem of knowledge deficit of certifications. Fill in the blanks below.

Example: Knowledge deficit r/t CNOR certification among operating room nurses (target population and setting) AMB wrong site surgeries (patient outcomes)

Knowledge deficit r/t __________________certification among __________(target population and setting) AMB ___________________(patient outcomes)

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Assessment of Certification, Patient Outcomes, and Leadership

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