Music Influence on Society Essay

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Prompt :

Using 2-4 songs as your primary sources, as well as 2-3 secondary sources from the college databases ,compose an essay in which you insightfully analyze the representation of one contemporary social issue or problem, and argue the influence , or lack thereof, of the songs message on a specific “target” audience.

Required :

  • MLA format
  • 6 full-page (at least 1800 words) (double spaces , not include work cited page )
  • Properly cite all sources

Work cited (required)

  • 2-3 scholarly secondary sources ( edu/a-z.aspx”> “required”
  • 2-4 primary sources (chosen song)

Attached is my essay outline ,you may follow the outline to do this essay. Feel free to make some correction on it.

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Music Influence on Society Essay

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