1. b) Short Paper (22%)

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Choose one question/statement from the list below. Write a 2-3-page (double spaced) paper in
response. You will need to research the topic area before you develop a thesis (in other
words, your topic statement or argument): begin with Mad Matters. Next, do library research
and find at least five scholarly, peer reviewed articles that relate to your topic. Use these to
inform and support your discussion. DO NOT use websites as sources of information for this
1. Explain the concept of epistemic violence. How does it apply to the experiences of
people who are labelled as “mentally ill”?
2. What is a Community Treatment Order? Why are they controversial?
3. What is “recovery” in mental health? Discuss it as viewed from a psychiatric survivor
perspective vs. a professional perspective.
4. What is Mad Pride? How and why is it important to the Mad movement?
The paper will be graded based on the short paper criteria (see the link in the eClass), which
addresses readability (including grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and referencing style), the
quality of your thesis, the quality of the support for your arguments, adherence to guidelines,
and your ability to incorporate course concepts into your paper.
Use APA 7th edition style to format and reference your short paper. (NOTE: you don’t need an
abstract for this paper). If you are unfamiliar with APA, please see the APA website or the Owl
Purdue education website
Other requirements:
– Do not use material from websites, a dictionary, or an encyclopedia.
– Do not quote the lectures. This material comes from other source material–look for the
original whenever possible.
– Review the use of medical terminology vs. refusal terminology (see Chapter 5 and the
chart on page 83 of the textbook). Using medical terminology in your paper limits the
scope of your discussion in this course; use refusal terminology instead.
– Do not quote without using quotation marks; always reference ideas that are not
considered “common knowledge”
– Submit your paper through Turnitin1 before the due date (you will be able to resubmit) in
order to view your similarity report.
– Write your paper early and then make use of the online Writing Program. There are also
some very useful resources for writing available on SPARK.

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1. b) Short Paper (22%)

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