Writing Demographics and Impact Project Part 3 Summary – Research paper 101

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In your final workshop activity, you will add to your social action proposal. You will summarize what you have learned in this workshop about demographics, populations at risk, and diversity in your community or organization. Your Demographics and Impact section of the proposal should succinctly interpret the data that you have collected. It should also identify opportunities and barriers for engaging diverse communities in your change effort.

This activity is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have carefully considered the impact of power, diversity, and difference and that you have fully assessed structural and institutional support and barriers that might affect your efforts.


  1. Write a summary of community needs, demographics, and the impact of demographics on your social action project proposal. Cite relevant census data and other locally available data. Your summary should be in narrative form and address the following prompts:
    1. Describe the demographics of your community or organization, including specific demographic data impacting the social problem that you identified for your social action proposal. At a minimum, you should identify population size, major demographics data (gender, race, education, and income) in the community, and median age.
    2. Interpret the meaning of the demographic data. How does this relate to your project?
    3. Identify populations at risk that may be served by your social action project.

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Writing Demographics and Impact Project Part 3 Summary – Research paper 101

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