Writing Assignment- Final Submission

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss a neurologic, sensory, or sleep problem common in older adults, current research, and the care associated with the disease process.

Course Outcomes: This assignmentenables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • SLO 3: Incorporate current, evidence-based health and wellness information into the care of the client.
  • SLO 3a: Analyze research information and utilize evidence when planning and providing care.

Requirements: Prepare a paper with four to six pages of content. Correct APA format must be utilized including a title and reference page, in addition to the required body of the paper. The work must be original, and all journals must be cited correctly. Submit the paper to Canvas. Papers with >23% similarity report will not be accepted.

Part 1 of the paper reviews a recent research journal article (within the last 5 years). A professional nursing journal must be used for this assignment. The topic of the research article should be based on a neurological, sensory, and/or sleep topic within the older adult population and includes this content:

  • Main points of the research article, what did they conclude?
  • Significance of the topic

Part 2 of the paper utilizes additional support of journal articles/websites/textbooks to explore how facilities can better care for older adults by providing for their neurological, sensory, and sleep needs and include this content:

  • Discussion of the nurse’s role in the subject matter
  • Describe how facilities caring for older adults are currently providing for the sensory and sleep needs of the older adult.
  • How does providing for neurological, sensory, and sleep needs benefit the older adult?
  • Think of an innovation to promote holistic health for the older adult in their living environment. Describe how your innovation helps to promote sleep, keep patients safe, maintain mobility, or provide for sensory and social needs. This could be a program that you would develop or a type of technology.  Technology for this innovation does not need to be available currently but, possibly available in the future.

Paper Mechanics:

  • For this paper, you will use APA 7th
  • Click here for Library Resource For APA Papers (Links to an external site.)
  • This paper does not need a running head and should use the Library’s suggested paper format.
  • Include subheadings in your paper. This helps guide the reader as to what each section is going to address.

Suggested Subheadings and Explanations:

Research Study Analysis- Describe the research study in detail. What did it conclude? Who were the participants? What evaluation tools did they use?   

Significance and the Nurse’s Role- Why is it important for the nurse to be aware of this issue? What can the nurse do to help alleviate symptoms or prevent the worsening of this disorder?

Care Environments- What steps have hospitals/long term care facilities taken to help this problem? What programs are available to help with this problem? What are the potential modifications that should be implemented?

Benefits to the Older Adult-How does it affect the elderly population? What are the long-term effects? Does it affect the quality of life?

Innovation- Develop an innovative approach to help solve this problem. Think of ways to integrate technology.

Conclusion- Restate your thesis and summarize your main points of the paper. The reader should be able to look at your conclusion and know exactly what your paper is about.

Grading: 100 points


CriteriaMeets ExpectationsPartially Meets ExpectationsDoes Not Meet Expectations
Introduction(10-9) Paper contains a clear introduction.(8-6) Paper contains an introduction but lacks thesis statement.(5-0) Paper does not contain an introduction
Body /Content(60-54)  Paper contains all criteria from part 1 & 2; one idea per paragraph; logical transitions between paragraphs. (Heading use is highly recommended) Ideas are supported with nursing journals.(53-36) Paper has missing content/criteria, lacks logical transitions and more than one idea per paragraph. Some effort was made to illustrate ideas with some support.(35-0)  Paper is hard to follow. Does not offer clear support.
Conclusion(10-9) Paper contains a clear conclusion. No new ideas introduced.(8-6) Paper contains a conclusion, but may lack clarity or new ideas introduced.(5-0) Paper does not contain a conclusion.
Mechanics(10-9)  Sentences are complete; correct verb usage, less than 3 spelling, punctuation, & grammatical errors(8-6) 4-5 Spelling, punctuation, & grammatical errors, word usage problems, incomplete sentences.(5-0)  Spelling, punctuation & grammatical errors are numerous.
Correct use of APA format/ References    (10-9)  Title page, 0-1 APA formatting errors, current (within last 5 years) nursing research articles; meets the 6 page minimum.    (8-6)  Title page present but has errors, 2-3 other APA formatting errors, nursing articles are out of date. Does not meet the six-page minimum.  (5-0)  No title page, greater than 5 formatting errors; no nursing journal articles used.

Late Assignment Policy: This assignment is eligible for the late assignment policy. A deduction of 10% per day late will be applied. No credit will be given after one week in accordance with the School of Nursing policy.

Tips for Success:

  1. Utilize the virtual writing center. There is a link “Tutoring Services” on the left side of your Canvas shell. Instructions for making a writing center appointment. Tutors that come recommended include Jenny Mark, Lana Sumpter, Michael Barclay, Angela Johnson, Melissa Miller. I recommend sending your paper AT LEAST twice- once for content and once for APA. Be sure to send the paper instructions and the rubric with your appointment. Be clear and specific about your needs when you send it.
  2. Ensure that your paper is in your own words. Someone without a medical background should be able to read and easily understand your paper. I highly suggest giving your paper to a family member or friend to read. They should be able to summarize the paper easily if it is well written.
  3. Do not ask questions in scholarly writing. It is appropriate to open with a statement such as “Imagine if you woke up one day and were blind” in a persuasive essay, but NOT in scholarly writing.

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Writing Assignment- Final Submission

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