Work practices and the ‘new normal’

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The radical increase in the number of people working from home during 2020/2021 has been one of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Given this new situation, societies , organisations and workplaces across the world are now seeking ‘the new normal’ (Including the ‘future of work’ and the ‘role of the office’)
Against this backdrop there are varying views about working from home. In May 2021, Google announced it was relaxing its approach to the return to work in permitting some employees to permanently work from home. The company will now allow employees to work from other locations for a longer period each year. Both twitter and facebook have told employees they can work from home forever.On the other hand, in early June 2021, apple employees were asked to return to the office 3 days a week. A move that has angered staff and one that they are pushing back against. Yet the directive is not entirely unexpected. While apple employees have worked remotely during the pandemic, the company famously discouraged working from hoe prior to 2020.

Given the clear divide between how executives and employees view remote work, as the HR manager, write a business report to advise the CEO:

1. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of working from home in the education industry ( Childcare and primary school industry). Given the potential for cost efficiencies in comparison to the traditional office and the aim of providing people with more flexibility in choosing where to work what are the implications for an increase in telecommuting for HR planners? What benefits or drawbacks will arise from an increase in home-based workers for employers, employees and the wider society?

The writer is to include:

The benefits of working from home in the childcare/education industry :
1. Work-life balance.
2. Flexible schedules
3. Less commune stress.
4. Save on childcare fees/petrol costs when employees can work from home with flexible schedules and look after child at home

Suggestions: * Work from home can apply to admin staff and possibly the manager who can attend to paperwork from home. Teachers and childcare workers, whilst cannot work from home, can plan the program from home. One of the biggest benefits of working from home that can be applied in the education industry is for employees to attend staff meetings from home, as well as attend webinars and training virtually. After the pandemic, managers and admin staff have proven that they can attend to emails, planning, and customer enquiry from home. The company has also evolved and looking at ways to conduct virtual tours, virtual staff induction

The disadvantages of working from home in the childcare/education industry :
1. Lack of collaboration opportunities, disconnection from the team
2. Distraction /Lack of motivation
3. Unmonitored performance


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Work practices and the ‘new normal’

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