Women’s Reproductive and Productive Labour

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PART A: TERMS (each in 130 words or less)
(10% each = 30%)
Explain, and where possible compare and contrast, each of the following:

  1. Women’s Reproductive and Productive Labour
  2. Ecology and Biodiversity
  3. Neoliberalism and Globalization
    PART B: LONGER ANSWER QUESTIONS (each in 300 words or less)
    (23.33% each = 70%)
    Provide a concise analytical response to each of the following:
  4. What is your understanding of the notion of development and developmentalism
    as ideology? How did colonialism disrupt the organic development in the former
    colonies; explain why, even after decolonization, is the semi-periphery and the
    periphery/satellite still dependent on the metropolis/global North?
  5. Relying on the film, Life and Debt, course lectures and readings analyze the
    impositions of IMF’s structural adjustment programs (SAPs) on Jamaica. What
    are the consequences of IMF’s conditionalities and SAPs on Jamaica’s farmers
    and its industry? Does the Jamaican example have relevance for other Third
    World states?
  6. What do you understand by the argument that rural poverty is related to
    landlessness/land concentration? Explain how is the rise of urban informality
    related to rural poverty.
    • You have to attempt ALL QUESTIONS from both parts of this exam.
    • Do not consult sources other than lecture notes, assigned readings, and
    documentaries shown during class meetings.
    • Do not quote from the readings; use your own words to describe major ideas
    that you borrow from the readings/lectures, but give credit to your source(s).
    • Please provide the word count at the end of each response.
    • Late submissions will not be accepted.

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Women’s Reproductive and Productive Labour

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