What is a Response Paper?

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What is a Response Paper?

A response paper is an opportunity for you to express your ideas about a particular topic in 400-500 words. Our seminars will be focused on the topic of gender and kingship.  Each seminar reading should add to your knowledge on this topic.

You will write your response papers on the article(s) assigned for each seminar (1-4).The first step will be for you to read the article before the seminar.  You can make notes while you read if it helps you to remember your ideas.  Highlighting relevant passages is also useful.  Your response paper is due the dayafter our in-class seminar, regardless of whether or not you are one of the presenters.  After you finish reading, write your response.  You can include any of the following:

  • What did you like about the article and why did you like it?
  • What did you dislike about the article and why did you dislike it?
  • Did the readings stir up any new ideas about the topic?  Is there anything in the article that is unexpected?
  • Did it remind you of something you learned in another class, saw on television, or experienced? (Please do not make your response paper about a personal event you experienced on the level of a diary entry)
  • Does the main thesis of the article pose any issues for you?
  • How does this article elaborate on topics in earlier articles (this is clearly not relevant to the first response paper)?
  • Did the author leave out any pertinent information?
  • Anything else you would like to include!

Please type your response paper and double-space. Submit it via Blackboard by midnight on the day it is due.  Please feel free to change, add to, or rewrite your response paper after our class discussion (or just leave it as it is).  I would like to see what you thought of the reading; you are not obligated to express the same opinions as your classmates!

Seminar Instructions:

  1. Read your article(s).
  2. Come together as a group to discuss content (this will need to be done outside of class).
  3. As a group, create a list of the main themes/arguments in your article(s).
  4. Create 5-6 discussion questions that you think capture the main themes (remember, these should be open ended questions).
  5. Decide on your presentation method/plan.
  6. Consider using visuals, media, etc. 




Quality of Discussion QuestionsYour group should prepare 5-6 discussion that highlight some of the main themes of your article(s).  These questions should be open-ended as to stimulate discussion/5
PreparednessAll members of your group should be prepared to present, in that each one has read the article, understands the material, is aware of your presentation plan and executes it productively./5
OrganizationYour presentation runs smoothly and moves from one activity to the next without interruption. /5
OverallYour group should be able to bring some of the main themes to the forefront of the seminar and engage your fellow classmates in a productive discussion./5
 Total /20

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What is a Response Paper?

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