Wake Technical Community College Preparing the Highly Qualified Teacher Paper

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    • Looking over the resources that have been found in the lessons here in this course: “A Good Teacher in Every Classroom:Preparing the Highly Qualified Teacher our children Deserve” (Darling-Hammond, Baratz-Snowden), “Becoming a Teacher: A Never Ending Journey How to prepare for a career in education”(Darling-Hammond),, The Journey of a Teacher (Kessler), “Effective Teacher Professional Development” and North Carolina Professional Standards and Code of Ethics——————— 5 ARE ATTACHED BELOW, ONE CAN BE FOUND HERE: org/sites/default/files/product-files/Effective_Teacher_Professional_Development_REPORT.pdf”>https://learningpolicyinstitute.org/sites/default/…
  • what are 3-4 specific talking points that you learned from each of these resources.
  • What is the common theme of these resources?
  • When you think about the idea of having to complete the edTPA, in what way does the information that you read in these articles support your feelings about this requirement in the Professional Development Process?
  • Based on what you have learned from the resources in this class, Do you think that this assessment will help to identify and Promote Effective Teaching for all P-12 Students? Why or Why not? (be sure to use information/your talking points from the resources above to support your 2 page journal response)

Length: 2 pages

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Wake Technical Community College Preparing the Highly Qualified Teacher Paper

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