Tools for Securing Networks

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The critical task for this assignment is to prepare a technical Feasibility Assessment in 4-5 pages (MS Word) listing the features of a SEIM tool and comparing several vendors and then make a final SEIM tool recommendation. The technical assessment must consider the security requirements detailed below. Management commonly will need technology recommendations and related cost, an operational assessment, and an economic feasibility assessment; however, for this assessment both operations and cost are not an issue.

For this technical feasibility assessment, use the security requirements and template below to provide management with your own unique feasibility assessment for 3 tools:

Title page (does not count towards the 4-5-page requirement)

1.0 Purpose – This section must identify each option and the technical feasibility (or likelihood) of each option meeting the SEIM security requirements identified below

1.1 Option #1: Describe the 1st SEIM tool option and how it aligns with security requirements

1.2 Option #2: Describe the 2nd SEIM tool option and how it aligns with security requirements

1.2 Option #3: Describe the 3rd SEIM tool option and how it aligns with security requirements

1.3 Select the Preferred option from the above 3 SEIM solutions and for the selected option address the following:

Explain the technical feasibility for the selected SEIM solution
Explain how the selected SEIM solution addresses the security requirements
Explain the technical risks in selecting any one of the SEIM solutions
Security Requirements for the SEIM Tool

The vendor’s product must:

Perform Log Collection
Provide Log Management
Provide a product that analyzes and correlates network activity
Provide a SEIM solution which can generate or be compatible with a ticketing system
Provide the ability to meet audit requirements with monitoring and alerting capabilities

For each option, you must provide a detailed descriiption of the proposed SEIM option, considering its technical descriiption and features. The use of tables within the document is recommended to perform the tool comparisons.

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Tools for Securing Networks

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