Technology in Education Paper – Research Paper 101

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Write a paper on college students’ attitude towards the application of multimedia technology in the field of education, <like: PPT in the class,online teaching,study and so on>

(A) A 1000-word literature review, using more than 10 references! In addition, in the article, the reference content is presented in the form of more than 10 citation <eg: Author (1995) said/point out/explain… > literature review refers to an academic paper that summarizes previous research on topic and refers to literature.

1. Current research status of the research causes, methods adopted by other authors, problems solved and unsolved, their research focus and direction.

2. Compare the contents of each author’s articles and make critical analysis. It means show relationships between previous studies or theories.

3. Conclusion: the positive direction of the literature and the author’s view, multimedia technology has positive significance for education.

(B)200 words limatation: find out what information already exists in your field.

(C)150 words Ethical Statement

(D)150 words Signifacance (Or contribution of research) 

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Technology in Education Paper – Research Paper 101

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