Strategic Leadership Memo

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In order to give you as much space as possible to work with, your memo should be formatted like this:

1)  Set the margins to one inch on all sides.  Set the line spacing to single-spaced and be sure the space before/after a line is set to zero so it is actually single-spaced.  Use Times New Roman   12-point font for the entire document.  Your memo must be a Word document.

2)  Starting with “TO:” as the top line on the page, single-space this heading:

TO:                  Dr. Karen Ford-Eickhoff

FROM:            Your Name

DATE:            The due date for the memo

RE:                  Strategic Leadership Memo

Then skip one line and single-space the body of the memo with one blank line between paragraphs (i.e., like I have typed this assignment).  Do not indent the paragraphs. 

3) The memo should be one full page in length. Be so thorough that it is difficult to get everything you want to say into one full page single-spaced without it spilling over to a second page.

4) Be sure to check that you submitted the final Word document memo file that you intended and that the document opens properly in Canvas.  You cannot resubmit another file after the deadline or email the file.

5) You are writing your responses to the questions below in memo style (i.e., essay-style with full sentences and appropriate paragraphs).  You do not number your answers in the memo to match the questions, but you should make it clear which question you are addressing in the first sentence of the paragraphs.  Start a new paragraph when you change to a new thought/question.      

You will find your memo grade and feedback on Canvas when I have graded the memos.  Be sure to address any issues that I point out to you in your next memos so you will not make the same mistakes again.

The assignment:

Your text describes the “romantic view of leadership” and the “external control view of leadership.”  For this assignment, assume the first view.

Strategic leadership has been defined as “the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and work with others in the organization to initiate changes that will create a viable and valuable future for the organization” (Coulter, 2009:  13).  Six key dimensions of effective strategic leadership are : 1) determining the organization’s purpose or vision; 2) exploiting and maintaining core competencies; 3) developing human capital; 4) creating and sustaining strong organizational culture; 5) emphasizing ethical decisions and practices; and 6) establishing appropriately balanced controls. 

Find an article or articles from any source (does NOT have to be the Wall Street Journal for this assignment).  Evaluate Kathy Warden, CEO of Northrup Grumman, against 1) this definition and 2) at least three of the six key dimensions (in other words, you will be evaluating her relative to at least four things).  On the basis of this comparison, do you think that Warden is an effective strategic leader?  Why?  Support whatever you say with specific examples from your research.  

For this memo, provide your source(s) on the second page of the Word document since you are free to utilize any sources you wish.  The body of your memo should still be one page in length.

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Strategic Leadership Memo

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