Stop and Frisk Policy Paper

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CRJC 450

Research Paper Requirements

Each student in this class will write a senior level research paper that examines a broken or badly bent criminal justice policy.  Your paper MUST include the following:

  1. Discussion of the problem.
  2. Discussion of the policy enacted to “fix” this problem. 
  3. Discussion of the history of the policy.
  4. Discussion of attempts to solve the problem this policy was created to “fix”.
  5. Discussion of policy proposal to “fix” this policy.

You MUST use a minimum of eight (8) scholarly sources.  Scholarly sources are peer reviewed, academic journal articles – NOT web sites, magazine articles, or newspaper articles.

Your paper MUST have 5 clear headings/sections – Problem, Policy, History of the Policy, Attempts to Solve, and Policy Proposal.    

Your paper should inform a reader who has never heard about this policy. 

Your final paper MUST be a minimum of 8 pages – 12 points Times New Roman font with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 1.25 inch left and right margins. Papers will be graded using the Final Paper Grading Rubric. Finally, your paper MUST be original work for this class.  You cannot submit a paper that you wrote for another class. 

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Stop and Frisk Policy Paper

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