Sociology 100

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Part 1

  1. Search the Internet for examples (i.e., websites) of institutions of the a) family, b) religion, c)
    education, and d) healthcare in the community.
  2. All examples (i.e., websites) should come from the same area (e.g., Grand Forks).
  3. Each website should represent a “real” (i.e., “brick-and-mortar”) place in the community (e.g., places
    of worship for religion, hospitals or clinics for healthcare).
  4. Each report should include at least one example of the above four institutions (i.e., the final report
    should include all four types of institutions).
  5. In one paragraph (i.e., five to six sentences), describe how a) functional theory, b) conflict theory, and
    c) symbolic interaction theory might apply to the institution you selected. Use Andersen and Taylor
    (2020) for support.
  6. Include a link to the website below the summary
    Individual work should:
    a. Include paragraph summary (i.e., proofread and clear)
    b. Include website link below the summary
    c. Include full citation to the textbook at the end
    Part 2
    Visit the Gallup (2022) Confidence in Institutions website.
    Pick two (2) institutions listed, and discuss changes in confidence in these institutions over time. What
    percent of Americans had a great deal/quite a lot of confidence in these institutions over time? Is
    confidence in these institutions generally increasing, decreasing, or staying the same? What do you think
    is an explanation for these changing trends over time?
    Answer in one paragraph (i.e., five to six sentences)
    Sociology 250
    Part 3
    Describe a situation/characteristic about you (related to age or ability) about which people have
    incorrectly assumed you were unable to do or understand something. In other words, what is a situation
    when someone stereotyped you because of your age or ability. Explain how that made you feel, how
    you responded, and what could have been done to improve the situation. Expand your answer by
    describing how people can use our intra- and interpersonal communication (from lesson two) to
    navigate situations like this. Remember the goal would be to have productive and successful
    interactions. (Ideas to help you develop your posts: think about aspects of intercultural
    communication… motivation, mindfulness, tolerance for uncertainty, and cognitive flexibility…).
    Answer in one paragraph (i.e., five to six sentences)

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