Social Issue Advocacy

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This assessment is about civic engagement and learning how to use your voice to advocate for a social issue. Advocating about social issues is very important because it serves as a voice for those most vulnerable in our society. Advocacy is a method of civic engagement; a way for individuals to contribute to making life better on behalf of others by influencing the creation and implementation of social policy to address social problems.


In this assignment you will advocate for a local issue that is the focus of your service-learning agency or project. You will be advocating for and discussing how this issue impacts your local community.


To complete this assignment, you may choose to write a letter to the editor of a local paper, write a letter to a community leader (ex:  Mayor, president of the school board, or state legislator), or create a written Public Service Announcement (PSA). (Note: You do not have to send in the letter to the intended audience.)

Include in your letter or PSA:

  • State who you are and give a brief statement about the organization where you will be completing your service learning.
  • What is the mission/purpose of the organization?
  • Describe the social issue that the organization addresses and explain why you are advocating for the issue. Why is this issue important in your community? What impact does this issue have on the community?
  • From a local perspective, discuss what specific diverse groups are impacted by this social issue. Explain.
  • Discuss two specific actions that you believe (based on your research) should be taken by the person or group to whom you are writing.


  • Support factual information and assertions with credible and/or scholarly sources
  • Maintain a formal, academic tone (no colloquialisms) in your letter/PSA
  • Use in-text citations and include a references page – APA format

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Social Issue Advocacy

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