Social Emotional Learning and Educational Conceptual Framework

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According the Washington State’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) Social Emotional Learning Implementation Guide, the four Guiding Principles for an intentional approach to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are equity, cultural responsiveness, universal design, and trauma-informed practices

The School of Education Conceptual Framework contains five pillars:  Scholars, Community Members, Effective Practitioners, Visionary Leaders, and Advocates.

This project calls for you to synthesize the Guiding Principles for SEL with the Conceptual Framework.

How do the Conceptual Framework and guiding principles align?  Why are the framework and principals important to the education of students?  What do you see as barriers or challenges to the success of the four principles?   Which programs are implemented in the schools to address SEL (think ALL stakeholders)?  What do you see as your strengths and struggles as it relates to the guiding principles and the conceptual framework?

This project should prompt research, reflection, and opinion writing.  It should invoke some thought about where you see your strengths and struggles are as a teacher candidate as it pertains to SEL and the Conceptual Framework.

This should be no more than 5-7 pages in APA format. 

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Social Emotional Learning and Educational Conceptual Framework

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