Soc339 Indigenous

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The main goal of this assignment is to strengthen your skills as an independent researcher. Specifically, the assignment will help you develop your ability to:

  • define a research topic from a broad subject
  • identify different sources of information and choose the most appropriate ones for the topic
  • create a bibliography using the standard ASA style

This assignment will help you prepare for the Critical Review and plan and write a Final Paper.



The assignment consists of a 250- to 500-word document which includes:

  • the research topic you’ve selected and your motivation/relationship to the topic.  
  • a bibliography with a total of 5 appropriate sources for your topic.
    • 2 course readings. 
    • 3 sources from outside the course, one (1) which can be non-scholarly. 


  • Main headings are centred and bold (e.g., assignment title, your name)
  • Sub-headings are left-justified and bold (e.g., Topic Selection and Motivation, Bibliography)
  • Bibliography and any in-text citations must use an ASA standard form/style. 
  • Throughout the document, use 1-inch page margins, Times New Roman font, 12-point font size, and line spacing at 1.5

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Soc339 Indigenous

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