SOC 436 Case Management Process Questions

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Continue to use your selected case study to complete this section of the Case Management Process assignment.

Review Chapters 7-10 and review Chapter 3 in the textbook. Keeping in mind empathy, boundaries, and effective communication skills, compose an introduction for an intake interview as well as 10-15 intake interview questions you would ask to assess your client.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented.

com/digital-resources/cengage/2015/fundamentals-of-case-management-practice_skills-for-the-human-services_ebook_5e.php”>… Book for chapters 3 and 7-10.


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SOC-445:Case Management Process Template

Directions:First, select one client/consumer from the course videos or case studies listed below.

  1. Michelle in “The First Interview” and “An Angry Consumer” videos located in Topic 1 folder and Topic 5 folder in MindTap.
  2. Alison in “Developing a Service Plan” video in Topic 7 folderin MindTap.
  3. Tom in “Helping Tom Solve a Personal Problem” video in Topic 8 folderin MindTap.
  4. “Marta” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.
  5. “Ruth” Case Study located inTopic 1 folder in MindTap.
  6. “Dave” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.
  7. “Florence” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.

Watch the corresponding video or read the selected case study.

For this assignment, you will complete the Case Management Process template below.

This assignment contains multiple parts that are due at different intervals in the course, with the final assignment due in Topic 7.

 Terminating   Intake and  Monitoring Planning and Linking        AssessmentSection 1: Assess the Client/Consumer Needs (150-200 words)Due Topic 2  Section 2: Assess the Client/Consumer (250-300 words)                Due Topic 3      Section 3: Planning and Linking (500-750 words)                                                    Due Topic 5        Section 4: Intake and Monitoring (300-350 words)                       Due Topic 6                                                                             Section 5: Terminating the Case (300-350 words)                                                      Due Topic 7  Once you have made all the revisions, complete the assignment using quality academic writing. Cite all sources in-text. Turn in the completed assignment at the end of Topic 7.

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SOC 436 Case Management Process Questions

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