Short Essay 3/Source Analysis

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Due March 31, 2022
10% of Grade
Locate (using JSTOR, which can be accessed via the Yorku library) and read the article listed
below, and answer the following questions, with short paragraphs of around 50-150 words each,
except #4, which will require several short paragraphs. Answer in your own words and do not
quote directly from the article; you will, however, still need to cite your answers. The aim of this
exercise is to 1) give you some practice reading and extrapolating from a secondary source; 2)
practice citing from a secondary source; 3) provide some experience with researching and
locating items from the library.

  1. What is the topic of the article?
  2. What is its thesis? What is it arguing?
  3. What is the author arguing against? What has been the previous assumption on the topic?
  4. What are the points that the author makes to back up the thesis?
  5. Does the author succeed in proving his thesis?
  6. Do you find the thesis, along with the argumentation behind it, convincing? Are there
    any flaws with the arguments?
  7. How does the reading impact the way you view the Aeneid? Does it give you new
    insights and make you think about issues differently? If so, what and how? If not, why?
    Rendall, Thomas (2016-2017). ‘Succedoque oneri: Shouldering Responsibility in the Aeneid’.
    The Classical Journal 112.2: 180-195.

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Short Essay 3/Source Analysis

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