Congratulations on completing all of the examinations for your Event Planning
program! This final graded project is designed to assess your event planning
skills. You’ll use all of the information you gained in this program to investigate
and create potential outcomes for five separate case studies. You must submit
this completed project to receive a final grade for the program.
Project Objectives
After completing this project, you should be able to
• Demonstrate what you’ve learned in this program
• Demonstrate the ability to analyze a variety of event planning scenarios
and develop appropriate courses of action for each
• Demonstrate the strength of your writing skills. Remember, as an event
planner, you’ll be in constant written communication with different people
in a variety of ways—through email and social media tools, as well as via
the development of contracts, timelines, and other written documentation
Project Directions
Like other assignments in your program, this assignment is open book. That
means you can and should use your study materials as you work. We also strongly
encourage you to use credible research sources, from the Internet and elsewhere,
as you develop your responses. And, enjoy the process! This is where you can
shine by demonstrating exactly what you’ve learned over the course of this
Once you’ve completed all the parts of the project, you’ll need to create an
electronic version of your assignment, preferably as a Microsoft Word file. Name
your file with your student number_program code_graded project and submit
your finished assignment online.
TIP: As you complete the
assignment, save your
work early! Save your
work often! Whatever
you do, don’t wait until
your file is complete
before saving. Consider
making a backup copy in
another folder on your
computer, just in case
you run into technical
The Assignment
This project consists of five parts. To begin, we suggest reviewing the entire
assignment carefully before you begin to respond. Make sure you understand the
assignment before proceeding; if you have any questions, contact your instructor
before you begin.
Each part is worth the number of points shown. Your total possible score is 100.
• Case Study 1: 15 points
• Case Study 2: 15 points
• Case Study 3: 15 points
• Case Study 4: 25 points
• Case Study 5: 30 points
Now that you understand the basic goals of your project, let’s get started.
The Scenario
You’re excited about lending your event planning expertise to a fundraiser for a
quirky animal shelter called Cat Crusaders. You’re thrilled to have the opportunity
and feel confident that this will be a fun event for everyone involved.
Cat Crusaders is a small organization, and they’re hoping to gain some muchneeded publicity through this fundraiser. This is the first major event they’ve
hosted, and through it they’d like to make enough money to buy cages and
supplies to foster an additional fifteen cats.
You’ve met with the key people at Cat Crusaders on several occasions, but your
primary contact is a woman named Shelia, who works at the shelter about twenty
hours a week. Sheila handles the public relations work for the organization. She
is also responsible for coordinating the visits of volunteer veterinarians, feeding
thirty cats, and cleaning their cages. So, although Sheila is very excited about this
event, she doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on it.
The shelter hopes to convince some prominent people from the community—
perhaps local politicians and TV and radio personalities—to attend the event.
However, since the shelter doesn’t have a high profile, Sheila believes the event
needs a special gimmick or theme in order to attract media attention and to
attract high-profile celebrities to the event.
In the tradition of big-city event planning, the shelter also hopes to convince
local sponsors to donate items for gift bags, which will be handed out to
attendees as they leave the fundraiser. Sheila is committed to contacting and
working with known potential sponsors, but she’d like you to help her come up
with suggestions for other types of businesses that she might contact to receive
free items for the gift bags.
Approximately 300 people will attend the fundraiser. About 50 of them will
attend the event for free; this includes shelter staff, volunteers, sponsors, and
local celebrities. The remaining 250 people will be charged $200 a plate to
attend this event, which will include dinner, dancing, and live entertainment. An
open bar will be available for the entire three-hour event. Working within these
restrictions, Cat Crusaders hopes to earn a profit of $75 from each paying guest.
The Assignment
In two days, you have a meeting with Sheila and the shelter director. For this
meeting, you’ve been asked to prepare the following items:
• A sample realistic budget that provides guests with a lovely evening out
while managing costs to meet the fundraiser goals.
• A list of types of business (e.g. pet stores) that might help sponsor this
• A list of possible themes/activities/gimmicks that could be used to garner
The Scenario
Adriana has sought you out for assistance in planning for her daughter’s
quinceañera, which will take place next year. Although the family has initially
budgeted $50,000 for this event, Adriana is unsure what’s involved and has no
idea how realistic this number may or may not be. The family expects to invite
200 guests. Adriana would like an over-the-top celebration with an elaborate
ceremony. Her daughter wants 14 attendants; Adriana wishes to pay for the cost
of clothing for the whole court. To date, the only definite cost is the venue rental,
which is $2,500. This fee includes only the space itself. Adriana wants a caterer,
photographer, videographer, and musical act for the event. She wants vendor
recommendations and guidance from you in terms of a reasonable budget for
the various vendors.
To start, your client needs direction in terms of the range of vendor pricing in
your area before she can actually set a specific budget for the party. She is unsure
of where to even begin and has hired you for your guidance and expertise.
The Assignment
Later this week, you’ll be meeting with Adriana. For this meeting, you’ll need the
following information:
• A detailed budget with suggested price ranges for all elements of the
event. Be sure to include a range of prices for different elements and an
indication of what the family will receive from the low end to the high end.
• The budget should be detailed; that means it includes all possible types of
vendors and potential subcategories.
• A recommendation as to whether Adriana’s suggested budget will work.
The Scenario
Parson’s is a large regional chain of car dealerships with branches in several states.
Parson’s has called to find out if you’re interested in helping plan an awards event
for their top salespeople. You enthusiastically agree, as you’ve not yet had the
chance to work on this type of event. Parson’s mentions that they’re fairly far
along in the planning process but they wish to hire you for day-of services.
For these sales awards, the company is flying in the top two salespeople from
each dealership, along with a guest. The company has planned a number
of activities over the weekend, such as an evening at the theater. The idea is
to provide a special getaway weekend for high-performing employees. The
executive board members of Parson’s will also attend, along with their guests. The
total guest list includes 80 invitees.
During your first meeting with Lars, the office manager from Parson’s executive
offices, he provides you with an event packet. The basic itinerary for the awards
ceremony looks like this:
• 5:00 PM: Cocktail hour with live piano music
• 6:00 PM: Three-course dinner begins
• 7:30 PM (approx.): Awards ceremony begins*
*(Ceremony to begin during dessert course; expected
to last one hour. Awards include presentation of
modest cash bonuses and certificates to thirty
salespeople and special recognition and large cash
bonuses to the top three salespeople.)
You read enthusiastically and review all of the paperwork. As you review the
contract with the ballroom, you notice that the space has been booked for only
2.5 hours, with an additional hour of setup time before the ceremony.
You realize immediately that this is a problem. How can you fit a cocktail hour,
formal dinner, and awards presentation into a compressed period of time? You
know from experience that this is simply not enough time, even if everything
runs exactly on schedule—which is unlikely given that awards ceremonies are
notorious for running long.
You immediately express your concerns to Lars, who agrees with you, but
discovers that the venue can’t extend the available time due to a conflict with
another event being held there. Lars is dismayed and embarrassed by his
oversight and is concerned about his boss’s reaction. However, he also insists
that nothing can be eliminated from the itinerary. The musical act and the meal
have already been contracted, and he doesn’t wish to cut down on the number
of awards being given. Since the salespeople are traveling long distances to
receive these awards, they would be disappointed not to receive the promised
You realize you must work within the times stated. You let Lars know that a rigid
timeline will need to be developed and followed. You also offer to find ways to
shorten, but not eliminate, various components to make the evening work.
The Assignment
• Create a detailed timeline for the awards ceremony, from setup to
completion. Include directions and ideas as to how to best present the
awards to keep to the schedule.
The Scenario
You’ve just begun working with Make-A-Child-Smile, a nonprofit organization
whose mission is to provide necessary surgery for infants and children with
craniofacial deformities, such as cleft lip and clef palate. You feel very passionate
about this organization and are helping them to plan a semiformal fundraiser
with both a live and silent auction, along with a guest speaker.
At your first meeting, the fundraising committee informs you that they’ve “fallen
in love” with a venue; they’ve confirmed that the site is available on the desired
date. The venue offers full-service catering, which the organization wishes to
use. The venue owner is a friend of a board member and has promised an insider
discount, making this exclusive venue more affordable.
You’ve never worked with this vendor before, and pay a visit to the site with an
enthusiastic committee member. The location is beautiful and you understand
their excitement. After touring the facilities, the catering representative presents
a contract with terms for the event (see contract below). As you review the
contract, you immediately realize that it doesn’t offer the protection that the
client needs to safely host the ceremony at this location. Several important items
are missing.
The Assignment
• Review the contract shown in the following figure.
• Create an addendum to attach to the contract. This addendum should
address all problematic areas of the contract. It should also identify missing
information that may provide protection to the client.
Stefani’s Manor
Catering Worksheet and Contract
Location and Times
Room—Orchid Room
Setup Style—Round Tables for 150
Start Time—11:30 am
Menu Selections
Special Instructions
• Leave room for string quartet in ballroom.
• Head table for fundraising committee members
• Flowers will be brought in as decorations.
• Discount on volunteer and vendor meals.
Estimated Guest Count: 150
Guaranteed Guest Count: _ (Final guest count must be received two months in advance
of event date. Once final guest count is received, customer will be charged for this number of people,
regardless of actual attendees.)
__ Customer Signature Date
____________________________________________ __ Stefani’s Manor Representative Date
Page 1
Terms of Agreement

  1. Payment: The person signing the contract certifies that he/she has the authority for his/her action on behalf of the
    organization represented. All contracts must be signed with the appropriate signature and payment method determined
    before the event can be held. Final payment is due two days prior to the event.
  2. If there is not an authorized signature/account number on the contract five days prior to the event, an additional service
    charge of $200.00 will be added to the bill.
  3. The guaranteed guest count is the minimum amount of people for which there will be a charge, regardless of the number
    attending. The minimum charge will be 100 percent of final guarantee. Additional charges will apply if a number of people
    in excess of the guaranteed amount attend this event. If additional people are added to the guest list, Stefani’s must be
    notified several days in advance. If Stefani’s is not notified of additional guests, we make no guarantee that additional food
    will be available on the day of the event. Maximum number of guests based on size of the facility is 200.
  4. Events cancelled less than two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the events are subject to any losses encumbered by the
  5. Changes in details and conditions for the contract may be made only with written consent of an authorized catering
    representative. The person signing the contract is responsible for payment.
  6. Contractee may be held liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen (up to full replacement value) property or equipment.
  7. A written contract and deposit are required on all loaned equipment. Full refund of deposit will be given when equipment
    is returned satisfactorily within 24 hours of event. A late fee will be charged if the equipment is not returned in a timely
    manner. A cleaning fee may also be charged if necessary. If equipment is returned damaged, contractee will incur
    replacement cost.
  8. Alcohol Policy: If alcohol will be served, the contracting party, thereby agreeing to comply with the stipulations set forth,
    must sign policy. No one under 21 years of age will be served an alcoholic beverage. No one under the age of 21 may sign
    a contract for services involving alcohol. Picture ID will be required proof as of age at this event. Food and nonalcoholic
    beverages must also be available at all events where alcohol is served. We encourage patrons to utilize a designated driver
    program for such events.
  9. Sales tax must be paid unless client is a nonprofit organization. Claim exemption on the purchase of alcoholic beverages is
    not permitted.
  10. The contractor shall not be held liable due to unforeseeable circumstances or circumstances beyond Stefani’s Manor’s
    control. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  11. Prepared food and beverages are contracted for consumption at the event only and cannot be taken from the specific
    venue unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the event.
  12. Contract prices have been estimated based on current costs of ingredients for our reception. If costs of these materials
    increase prior to event date, we may increase the cost of our goods and services by up to three percent. If charges will be
    added based on cost escalations, Stefani’s will notify client one week in advance.
  13. All decorations must be approved by catering representative. Candles not permitted.
  14. Food will be served to guests at their tables by a serving staff. An on-site manager will also be present at this event, as well
    as catering staff.
    I have read and understand the details of this contract and the Terms of Agreement.
    ____________________________________________ __ Client Signature Date
    ____________________________________________ __ Banquet Representative Signature Date
    Page 2
    The Scenario
    You’ve been in business for over a year now and have done well. However, all
    along, you’ve known that your contract isn’t quite right. It basically states your
    fees and services in general terms. Revising this contract has been on your to-do
    list since Day 1, but to date, you’ve been too busy to address it. However, you’ve
    recently had some experiences that underscore the need to develop a contract
    that offers better financial and legal protections.
    Here is a rundown of your recent experiences:
    • The florist you hired for an event hung draping at the reception venue.
    A guest who was not paying attention stepped on the draping and it
    collapsed dramatically to the floor. Luckily, you were able to fix the drapes
    with assistance from one of the guests. However, the client refused to pay
    you the balance for your event planning services, claiming that you were
    • Later that month, you signed a contract with a committee hosting a
    nonprofit gala event in a city two hours away from your hometown. The
    day your contract was signed, you took the committee to visit several
    venues. The committee signed a contract for one of the larger, more
    exclusive venues—one they would never have been able to sign without
    your assistance. The next day, gala chairperson called, wishing to cancel
    your contract. And because the contract had been in effect for only one
    day, the committee felt entitled to a full refund.
    • At a birthday party, a relative of the birthday girl asked you to transport a
    suitcase bag from the home to the venue because the bag was too bulky
    for the limousine. The next day you received an angry call indicating that
    an expensive pair of earrings were missing. The client wanted you to pay a
    substantial sum for this missing jewelry.
    The Assignment
    • Draft a contract that addresses the issues that you’ve faced, as well as
    any other areas where you feel event planners need legal protection.
    Remember, the contract should protect your interests—but should not
    scare off potential clients, either!
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