Risk Sharing

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Risk Sharing

How are incentives to providers different when they are paid on a capitated basis rather than a fee-for-service basis? Discuss the arguments (both pro and con) relating to placing physicians on risk-sharing contracts.

Consider and respond to the question above. In either your response, or as a follow-up to this question, provide one (1) resource link in your group’s online discussion forum pertaining to the subject matter content for that week (see PPT attached). Post your original responses by Thursday. Please provide the link and a brief summary for your resource to help guide your peers’ attention to material that may be useful to their development and feel free to add on to others’ efforts if you know of additional supportive sites that have not yet been discussed.
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Technology Readiness and Governance

View the Power Point Presentations provided from chapter 7 of the textbook. Using the following objectives as a framework, write a discussion about protecting your organization from ransomware. Identify 1 ransomware case from the news or literature of interest to you. Please limit use of direct quotations

Communicate the importance of technology readiness and gap analysis initiatives.
Discuss development of information technology (IT) governance framework using one of the three commonly used ITG methodologies.

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Risk Sharing

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