Rhetorical Analysis: “A Year Of Reckoning”

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  1. Pitch: what do the authors want us to believe?
  2. Complaint: what are the authors worried about or reacting to?
  3. Moment: how do you know when this was published?
  4. Audience: how is the intended audience and why?
  5. Ethos: how do the authors establish their credibility?
  6. Pathos: how do the authors appeal to our emotions?
  7. Logos: how do the authors build logical arguments?
  8. How effective is this text, based on your analysis?

Each bullet should be a 4-5 sentence paragraph, but again, does not have to be a perfectly constructed one.  What is most important in this exercise is the substance of your analysis.  You must also cite the text; make sure to include the “does” to help explain your analysis.

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Rhetorical Analysis: “A Year Of Reckoning”

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