Review of Literature Mod 5

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A Review of Literature is a synthesis and integration of existing empirical research on a particular topic. This is the crux of your research paper for this class.

Prepare a Review of Literature that synthesizes and integrates current empirical research directly relevant to the issue identified in your Statement of the Problem.

Your Review of Literature should:
Include at least five original, empirical studies published in peer-reviewed journals within the past five years.
Although you are free to cite meta-analyses, systematic reviews, or purely theoretical articles where appropriate, these are NOT original studies and therefore do NOT “count” as one of your five empirical research articles.
Note that though this assignment only requires five articles, the final paper requires at least six.
Discuss the major findings of this body of research and how they fit together to frame your problem. What do we know about this topic and how confident should we be about that knowledge? Have the findings been sufficiently replicated? Are they consistent? If not, are the differences important for understanding and/or addressing your problem? What theoretical explanations have the most support (if any)?
Do NOT merely summarize each study. Synthesize and integrate!

Additional Requirements: A submission that does not satisfy these requirements will be not be graded.
At least six (6) pages (excluding title and reference pages)
Current APA format (including title and reference pages)
No direct quotes or use of secondary sources
Similarity index less than 20%. You can edit and resubmit up to the time the paper is due if the index is too high.

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Review of Literature Mod 5

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