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A proposal helps you to narrow down and solidify your topic, working claim, and sources or materials.  As Nancy Sommers explains in A Writer’s Reference, “Your objective is to make a case for the question you plan to explore, the sources you plan to use, and the feasibility of the project, given the time and resources available” (368).


Write a proposal to conduct research by addressing, in order, the following questions posed in section

R1-f of A Writer’s Reference (368-369).  The final draft is a minimum of 1200 words to a maximum of 1500 words.  Include a Works Cited which will not be used as part of the required page length.

Research question.  What question will you be exploring?  Why does this question need to be asked? What do you hope to learn from the project?” (368). 

Research conversation.  What have you learned so far about the debate or the specific research conversation you will enter?  What entry point have you found to offer your own insights and ideas?” (368).

Search strategy.  What kinds of sources will you use to explore your question?  What sources have you found most useful, and why?  Where will you look to find a variety of sources (print and visual, primary and secondary, for example)?” (369).

Project challenges.  What challenges, if any, do you anticipate (locating sufficient sources, [be sure to include] finding a position to take)?  What resources are available to help you meet these challenges?” (369).

Follow MLA conventions for papers and the Works Cited pages in A Writer’s Reference under the MLA tab.  Upload all drafts to on your Canvas class site before class.


Draft #Due DatesWord CountDirections
Draft #1Fri, March 16600-900 wordsUpload to Turnitin by 3:00 pm
Draft #2Tues, March 27900-1200 wordsUpload to Turnitin & Peer Review BEFORE class
Final DraftTues, May 41200-1500 wordsUpload to Turnitin BEFORE class 

The following is my research question and primary source:

Primary Source: The Good Doctor (TV Series)

  1. I am studying the performance of people with disabilities in different occupations and the comment they receive from the customers and colleagues
  2. Because I want to find out how people with disabilities do and are treated in jobs
  3. In order to help my reader understand people with disabilities are able to do different jobs and if they encounter difficulties and discrimination from customers and colleagues.

And here is the feedback from professor:

good job choosing a primary source and narrow focus! You need to analyze the message this show conveys about autism. Is it realistic? How many autistics are employed. Also consider what the show says about relationships, both person and at work. Let’s discuss

you could modify the research question in the proposal if you want, but it needs to be related to my primary source.

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