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Cover Page

Content Page

Background of your topic

Aim, Objectives & Rationale (Task1 – ~250 words)
• Research aim (statement/question – what research you are going to look at):
• 3 objectives (e.g., ‘measure/explore/to evaluate/to assess/to identity’ in order to achieve an outcome)
• 3 rationales (why this research topic is useful/important)

(Task 2 – 5 are related to Research and Design General, not link to task 1)

Literature Review (Task 2 – ~750 words)
• definition of quantitative & qualitative research (theoretically)
• advantages & disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research from research perspective

Data Collection (Task 3 – ~1000 words)
• advantages & disadvantages of questionnaire, interviews, focus groups & observation (theoretically)
• challenges of questionnaire, interviews, focus groups & observation: consent required/data protection/ data storage/data retention/ interviewee privacy.

Sampling Strategies (Task 4 – ~500 words)
• Definition of Sampling strategies: Simple random sampling/ Systematic sampling/ Stratified sampling/ Clustered sampling/ Convenience sampling/ Quota sampling/judgement sampling/ Snowball sampling
• Common implementation challenges of the sampling strategies

Quality (Task 5 – ~500 words)
• Use those theories we learned to ensure quality in research (Coding/Content Analysis/Conversation analysis/Narrative analysis/Meaning Condensation Technique)

Need to be linked to task 1 or not?

References (Harvard Referencing Style)

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