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Directions: you will choose 10 of the following 15 essays to complete, for a total possible score of 50 points for this section of the Midterm Exam (each essay is a maximum of 5 points each). Partial credit can be earned, but the goal is 50 points! These topics are taken from text, online lecture and other course materials. There is no one way to answer these topics: the instructor is looking for your analysis, based on your review of all the materials presented to you. Practice your responses before you post them!

If you directly quote any source, it must be cited, using the MLA format of in-text/parenthetical citation with a list of sources directly used at the end of your essay. Any direct quotes without a citation will result in ‘0’ points for that essay; any direct quotes cited, with no Works Cited at the end of the essay will result in half credit on that essay. Any essay that is found to be plagiarized, from any source, will result in ‘0’ points for that essay.
What was the status of Native American women in the Pre-Columbian Americas?
Compare and Contrast Spanish Women and Dutch women during the Colonial Era (1500-1700s).
Define and explain the primary role of midwives in British Colonial America.
Describe the Code Noir in New France and how this impacted women.
How did the Puritan religion in New England impact women?
How were African female slaves exploited in the English colonies?
Describe the steps to matrimony in the context of colonial marriage.
What was one role women played in the American Revolution? Briefly explain.
Can women’s suffrage qualify as an example of “Moral Reform” in the first half of the 19th century? Why or why not?
Who were “professional Western women”? Choose one individual and briefly explain her contribution to this topic.
Choose one female Abolitionist and briefly outline her contribution to this reform movement.
Compare and contrast Northern women and Southern women in 1860 (before the Civil War).
Outline one role women played in the Civil War, with details from the course materials.
What was the “Port Royal Experiment“, and how did women contribute to this?
Are any of the ideals of the Cult of Domesticity still present today in how our current society views women? Briefly explain your reasoning.

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