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(Additional information in ‘Overview of Major Projects’ Module)
Human Rights & Social Justice
This assignment provides the opportunity to have a cultural immersion experience
through analysis of a human rights issue with a past and contemporary history of
oppression. The purpose is to understand the complexity of a social problem and gain
knowledge on advancing human rights and social justice to alleviate oppression. You
will also examine intersectionality and how different systems of oppression may impact
social problems.
Description & Research:
This project will be presented as one, long “webpage” submitted in Canvas. It may
require some self-directed learning but shouldn’t be too complex. You will need to
clearly denote your identified issue and address various aspects outlined in these
This assignment requires extensive analysis of a social condition occurring today in
consideration of its economic, political, and social dimensions. It will require research
of your topic using scholarly resources (journal articles, books, etc). You will also
apply knowledge of race, class, gender and other issues of diversity studied throughout
the semester. To assist with your development of this project, you may need to refer to
some of the modules or readings from the course that reviews the various aspects of
Note: It is sometimes difficult for students to earn the full 200 points for this assignment
because they often do not pay special attention to all of the required components. You
must follow instructions; deviating from its requirements will result in points deducted
or a failing grade.
Topics: See deadline posted in course syllabus!
If you select this project you may choose a topic that is listed in the “Topics” page (no
prior approval necessary). If you are interested in an alternative topic not on the topics
page, you can send me an email to approve your proposed topic and ensure it meets the
criteria for this project. The topics listed tend to be very general. Therefore, you will
need to figure out how to refine your topic and decide on the specific focus for your
project. For example, you may want to focus on a specific country, population, or other
aspects of the social condition you are studying.
If possible, I will post a few examples of projects from previous classes for you to review.
See the detailed components for the project content on the following page…
Use these headings and include all of the content as outlined below in your final
I. Social Condition: Describe the social condition by providing some historical
analysis related to pertinent facts concerning the condition. Articulate insights into
diverse cultural/intercultural perspectives and own biases (see University Core
II. Population(s) Impacted: (Demonstrate ability to assume a perspective other than
own and express empathy for diverse perspectives – see University Core Rubric)
a. Describe the populations impacted by this social condition?
b. Present narratives/personal stories of individuals impacted by this issue.
(This information could be obtained from videos, personal interviews,
internet sources, etc.) Describe what can be learned from this narrative.
III. Power & Privilege:
a. Address those aspects of power or privilege that are evident and contribute
to this social condition.
b. Describe how these factors impact the life experiences of this population.
IV. Intersectionality & Levels of Oppression: (you may need to review Module 3 to
refresh your understanding of these concepts) – Demonstrate knowledge of civic
affairs/global communities – see University Core Rubric
a. Address the intersection of some overlapping forms of oppression
impacting this issue (racism, sexism, classism etc). Assess how this
impacts the population?
b. Describe at least two levels of oppression this population may encounter
(for example individual, interpersonal, institutional or societal level).
V. Key documents & policies: Describe how this societal condition violates
relevant sections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Demonstrate
application of civic affairs/global communities – see University Core Rubric
VI. Change Strategies: Describe some recommended change strategies to alleviate
the condition and promote social justice or advance human rights. Articulate
insights regarding own personal attitudes, behaviors or beliefs. Recognize any
cultural biases and resulting in shifts in own self-description – see University Core
Note: You must follow directions and address each component. Deviating from the required components may result in
points deducted or a failing grade.
University Core: Also, incorporate ‘social responsibility’ components into this project as outlined on the supplementary
rubric. This rubric is posted on Canvas and is reviewed as part of the University Core requirement for this course.

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